An Update On Sarah’s Of Attic Of Treasures:   Sarah Rambles About What She Is Working On.

From Sarah:

Happy Sunday,

Getting our week started early. I will be posting more than usual the next few weeks…. baring internet woes and illness. I can’t help either one.


( BARING COMPUTER’S that say they saved your material and then won’t load the pages to retrieve them. I WAS ALL SET TO POSTING THIS: LOT’S OF PHOTOS. Then I lose ALL OF THE AND SOME EDITING.

Not happy.)

This post is a ramble. Not planned. Not scheduled.

 Much of what I post any more is scheduled. I did that most of last summer and it worked well. Then this year came and I got behind. I stopped posting a lot of my daily and weekly articles. I couldn’t get caught up. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I tried to do too many things at one time. 
I still try and do too much . I probably always will. Not necessarily, &na bad thing.

I have a lot going on this week. This month and September.

October? ???? Huge changes there. I haven’t processed the changes yet. Hint: Danny took the month of so we could visit my dad in Arizona.  Spend some time in Southern Colorado. …Trains ….Durango. Silverton. Ouray. The Million Dollar Highway.

Now Delayed Or Postponed Until Spring. Tears. FRUSTRATION.

I will write more on what happened ASAP.


I want as far away from Rolling Meadows Ranch and Lake Kissimmee State Park And The Radio as I can get.



I have several book launches and reviews going on that need to be written.
Ifeoma Samuels is the author owner of the blog Purposeful And Meaningful. She had her new book launch this week. Overcome Failure : Get Back On Your Feet

There is a Companion Study/ Guide to go with it.

Looking forward to Leading A Group With Love God Greatly . 


I just joined Love God Greatly as a Facilitator. A Bible Study/ Group Leader.

THEY have awesome resources.

Bible studies in progress.

First 5:&n

Romans done. 

1st Corinthians : in progress. 

2nd Corinthians coming up.

If: Gathering :

Woven : Discipleship

Part of her Quieting Your Heart Series.

Christine Caines Unashamed.

This has been a fun book for me to read. Perfect.

I am behind on this one. I am helping with the launch. So far I haven’t figured out how to OPEN IN THE READER

Looking forward to leading another group here.

Shelia’s book is one year old. I did a small Bible Study last year when it came out.

Now we have resourses to go with it.

There is a 6 week or an 8 week course.

Shelia wrote it for ANYONE who wants to do it solo as well.

Uninvited begins in September.  It is Lysa Terkeurst’s newest book. 

Not to be forgotten.

Women Living Well / Good Morning Girls :

My late starters and I just finished Ecclesiates this week. .While finishing that with them, the rest of our group worked through James.

Thanking Courtney for all of her breaks.

We start Joshua in September.

Good Morning Guys Launched this week as well.

Yeah, it’s hard to keep up with it all. Fun though.


Sarah Speaks Out:   My  Choices And Why I Will Be Voting Differently In November. PLEASE Add Your Comments.  Be Nice. 


Shared From Marilyn Armstrong : Serendipity.

Election Odds : Clinton Verses Trump

From Sarah:

I am a Republican who will probably be voting for The Libertarian Party come November.

Danny is a Libertarian and as far as I was concerned, had been throwing his vote away for years.

Or had he?

This time I will be voting for a 3rd party, even though I  am very much a Republican.

I believe that we need a 3rd viable party.  Maybe even a  4th .  The people aren’t being heard.

The Democrats and The Republicans have been doing their own thing for way too long. Neither side is able to work with the other. Oftentimes, they can’t even work within their own party.

The Republican Party hasn’t been a strong party that works together  for years. The Tea Party is proof of that.

Instead of The Tea Party going towards the Middle it moved further to the Right.

We couldn’t get our act together 8 years ago.

This time around :  we had more leaders tearing us further apart. Too many  stayed in the race way too long. As much as l like Jeb Bush and would have loved to see him as President…..his heart just didn’t seem to be in it. He was TOO SLOW in pulling out. Hurting the party even more.

I  personally can’t stand Clinton. Never have liked her. Or Former  President Clinton.

I firmly believe she should be in JAIL…or at least on PROBATION.  Ignoring that, I just don’t like her politics.

The one thing in her favor: Most of the world can work with her. Or will attempt to work with her. She knows her stuff .

Trump: Not even sure where to start here.

At first: when he first appeared on the Presidential Radar, I thought he was JOKING. I REALLY DID. I LAUGHED.

I haven’t laughed since.

Trump SCARES ME. More than Obama ever could. Obama is small potatoes in comparison to Trump.

Hitler’s name came up between Danny and I as well. A bit far fetched? Yeah. Maybe?

Bobby is turning over in his grave (so to speak). My son. Republican all the way. Oh he would hate what the party has come to.

What our country is coming to?

Not sure of the numbers here

Who gets the most write in votes every year?

Mickey Mouse.

A non person.

If everyone who voted for Mickey  Mouse would vote for a real live body… Democrate, Republican , Libertarian or one of the 100 or so candidates,  things might actually change. The people would at least challenge the system.

If not now then soon.

  • I don’t usually get political like this. Out there for everyone to see.

It scares me to do so.

Have a good week.

Peace. Love.


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About ME – Sarah’s Attic of Treasures Facebook. January 2013

I still get asked on occasion about the Debbie / Sarah name….Mainly because on my emails I am listed as Debbie Sarah.
This is a picture of Bobby, Danny and I taken in April 2006. (Easter Weekend- Manitou Springs, Colorado…One month before Bobby died. )
I was Bobby’s Mom and Danny’s Sarah.
It was Bobby who told Danny that my best friend called me Sarah when they first met. It is because of Bobby I am called Sarah.
Why? I never asked. I never once asked Bobby why he told Danny to call me Sarah when I was Debbie to family. He always introduced me as “His Mom , Debbie”. Always.
Danny Never calls Me Debbie. Ever. With one exception. Our WEDDING DAY. Our Vows.
danny and sarah 002
Danny and I : Our First Thanksgiving together in Florida.
I had just left Colorado. Everything was put in storage from OUR HOME, Bobby’s and Mine, as well as everything from Bobby’s Apartment. Bobby had gone to Heaven 6 months before. It was our ONLY Thanksgiving in the HOUSE Danny’s Dad built. We sold it to buy our RV and START over.
11-28-06 danny and sarah- hooters n crestview_1

Hell Week as I call it. The week that Bobby died. Danny and I, My mom and Dad and my sister Donna.

Danny and Sarah 009.jpg

Danny and I . Together. Strong .

Easter Weekend at the park a few years later. Sarah. Volunteer. Danny’s Wife.

My Name. Is it Sarah or Debbie?

My name. Sarah or Debbie? If you ask my mom, She will say Debbie.
If you ask Danny or anyone here in Florida, I am definitely Sarah.
I even had the pastor include the name, Sarah, along with Debra Sue, in our wedding ceremony.
If you would have asked Bobby: All of his life, except for one time, he introduced me as Debbie, his mom. The one exception, when he met Danny. For some unknown reason, when he met Danny, Bobby told him to call me Sarah. He met Danny here in Florida on vacation. They got to be good friends even though Danny was my age. (Well, 4 years YOUNGER). So Danny has ALWAYS called me Sarah. ALWAYS. I am never Debbie to him. Not teasingly, not in anger, not at all.
I am Debra Sue Kasch. That is the name I was born with. I love the name and am very proud of it. I kept the Kasch for most things after I married Danny. At Danny’s request. The Kasch name died with Bobby. Or at least our link to the Kasch name died. So in honor of Bobby. In honor of my father, grandfather and all the Kasch’s before I still use Kasch except for legal stuff etc.  As a child, I was called Debbie, Debbie Sue, Or Deb. My family and close family friends  still am called that.
Classmate call me both. Growing up there were so many Debra’s, Deborah’s, Debbie and Debbie Sue’s. In high School there were over 20 of us. One day in fun, my best friend, Dan (different one of course) jokingly asked me what I wanted my first child to be named if it was a girl. I said Sarah Elizabeth.  Or Rebecca Lee. So he started Calling me Sarah.
It caught on quickly and before I knew it I was being called Sarah by almost everyone I came in contact with. It just clicked with everyone.
I will never forget the look on my mom’s face when Dan was visiting us and he called me Sarah for the first time, in her hearing. OUCH!
She is never quiet if she has an opinion. Mom had one and let it be known that I was NOT SARAH but Debra Sue or Debbie . You get the picture?
I can still hear her say that. I remember my sister calling me that once. Another OUCH. That’s how I always thought of Mom’s words. OUCH. Like a burn. For the most part, no one called me Sarah, around my mom for many years…. To Dan’s wife and kids I was called both. Interchanging. Aunt Debbie. Aunt Sarah. Still Am. When I got on FB, It was 3 years after Bobby died.  My personal site was Debbie-Sarah Kasch. I still have that one.  I needed both names so people could find me.
When I met the Angel Mom’s I was Bobby’s MOM Debbie…….. Yet, here in Florida, I am Sarah.
They never knew Bobby.
Yes, It is confusing at times.
I was quieter then and didn’t post much. Imagine that? I certainly didn’t share myself or Danny to the world like I do now. I didn’t want to share Bobby with everyone. SO I stayed quiet for awhile. I reconnected with my classmates from High School. I added friends I’d known all my life. I added my friends here in Florida. Some continued to call me Debbie. Others called me Sarah. It took a few people awhile to realize I went by 2 different names. They thought I was 2 different people. I started getting questions. The angel moms for the most part are the ones who went from calling me Debbie, to Sarah, when I started sharing Our life here. When I started sharing Our Neck Of The Woods, (A page just for the Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows and life in Florida. History. Our Life), they started calling me Sarah more and more. I called myself Sarah. I can’t explain it better than that. I answer to either.
The name I miss most is MOM.
I never get called that any more. At least not very often. When I do it’s Dan’s kids or an old friend of Bobby’s.
Now about the pages:
Sarah’s Attic of Treasures and  Debbie’s Attic of Treasures are the same except for the name. Exactly.
I have Our Neck of the Woods about Danny and I and our Park Life.
I have Sarah’s Life: What Was . Was is . What Will be. It’s about  Life in Illinois, Colorado. Bobby, Danny and I.  Mainly Bobby and I. It’s very small. Mainly for me.

I have Bobby’s Memorials. I also have a page called Getting To Know My Friends Through Our Children. It’s a page for grieving parents, grandparents. Etc.
Sarah Sue is the account I use for Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures and all of my pages, except The memorials.
It’s a fun account. It’s where I like to hide.


Sorry about the bad copy. It is all I have. Bobby and I at my grandparent’s house….Colorado…1985.

My family. Mom and Dad. Donna and John. Bobby and I. 1998.

Bobby and I  Christmas 1991.


Donna, Bobby and I Colorado. 2000. I love Bobby’s Smile here.


Danny and I dancing . 2008?

I had just won Volunteer Of The Year. 2008

Volunteer Luncheon and Awards 001

My all time favorite photo. My 2 loves.

danny and sarah 002.jpg
Source: Re posting from Sarah’s Attic of Treasures Facebook. January 2013


The Day My Mom Cried And Dad Couldn’t Make It Right

Reblogging . It seemed fitting for this month. It’s been 40 years since the house burned down Christmas Week. A long time and yet, only yesterday.
I Will Always Remember The 21st of December, 2015.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

I Will Always Remember The 21ST. Of December 1975.
It was a beautiful Sunday morning in the country. Crisp and chilly but not too cold. Dad had the fires going throughout the house so it was warm when Donna and I got up to go to church. I was 17 years old and I was teaching the nursery class in Sunday School. Donna was 5 years younger than me. She loved Sunday School. I don’t remember why my parents didn’t go that Sunday and if they didn’t go my brother (16) certainly wasn’t going to go.
I do remember that we had our Christmas Program that night at 7PM. I was the narrator. Mom had made me a beautiful long dress to wear. I Had  already  been given that gift and a brand new pair of shoes the night before.
We all had spent a wonderful evening the night before in…

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Buster Island Paddle Trail Concept[1] – May 17 2012 To Dedication Ceremony , November 14 2015 Lake Kissimmee State Park

From Start To Finish, Danny and I were there.

Initial Planning For The Paddle / Waterway Trail System May 17. 2011 Danny and I. Erik Our Biologist, And Bill Redmond and friend checking Out The New Boardwalk, Gangway and Kayak Launch. Where to launch? Primitive Camping Sites For It.
Initial Planning For The Paddle / Waterway Trail System May 17. 2011 Danny and I. Erik Our Biologist, And Bill Redmon Tom McLaulin
Checking Out The New Boardwalk, Gangway and Kayak Launch. Where to launch? Primitive Camping Sites
Looking At Zipprer Canal Out to Lake Rosilie
Looking At Zipprer Canal Out to Lake Rosilie
Decisions   Danny And Bill.
Talking About Access To The Primitive Camp Sites
Talking About Access To The Primitive Camp Sites
Checking Out The Recently Built, Boardwalk, Gangway and Kayak Launch. Danny's huge project.
Checking Out The Recently Built, Boardwalk, Gangway and Kayak Launch.
Danny’s huge project.

All the pictures off the Kodak thru May 17th 875All the pictures off the Kodak thru May 17th 876

Looking At the New Kayak Launch
Looking At the New Kayak Launch

We hadn’t put the handicap seat in yet.

All the pictures off the Kodak thru May 17th 879All the pictures off the Kodak thru May 17th 881All the pictures off the Kodak thru May 17th 880Buster Island Paddle Trail Concept[1]

Buster Island Paddle Trail Concept[1]

Lake Kissimmee State Park


Buster Island Loop Paddle Trail


To develop an approximately 12 mile paddle trail that circumnavigates the Buster Island feature of the Lake Kissimmee State Park in Polk County, FL.

The trail would begin near the cow camp bridge and travel west through the Zipprer Canal to Lake Rosalie, from Lake Rosalie to Lake Tiger through Rosalie Creek, from Lake Tiger to Lake Kissimmee through Tiger Creek, and from Tiger Creek through Tiger Cove and the east end of the Zipprer Canal, ending in the Park’s marina.

Major Issues to be Overcome

  1. Maintaining a clear passageway through the weeds and grasses in the Zipprer Canal.
  2. Keeping Rosalie Creek navigatable for canoes and kayaks.
  3. Creating a resting point approximately ½ way along the trail (Tiger Lake).
  4. Developing a suitable boat launch site on the west side of the weir structure.
  5. Appropriate signage.
  6. Getting the trail listed as an official Florida Blueway.
  7. The mixed boating traffic of motorized fishing boats, airboats, canoes and kayaks

Alliances to be formed

  1. Lake Kissimmee State Park as Trail Steward
  2. Polk County for aquatic weed control
  3. FWC for traffic issues
  4. DEP for any environmental and easement issues
  5. South Florida Water Management District for the water level in the canal
  6. Florida Paddling Trails Association for fundraising and volunteer leadership

Initial Personnel Involved in Leadership

  • Danny Holt, LKSP — Danny.Holt@dep.state.fl.us
  • Tom McLaulin, FPTA — tmclaulin@floridapaddlingtrails.com
  • Bill Redmon, FPTA — bill@wildcreekadventures.com

Buster Island Paddle Trail Concept[1]
Paddling Logo
Not a Concept anymore: We are in the MIDDLE OF THE STATE = Buster Island Loop

  • The Office of Greenways and Trails will celebrate the designation of the 11-mile Buster Island Loop Paddling Trail at Lake Kissimmee State Park on Saturday, November 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Buster Island Loop Trail is the 53rd designated paddling trail and the latest addition to Florida’s Greenways and Trails System. Enjoy a guided paddling trip and a picnic with entertainment by local musicians.


Buster Island State Paddling Trail Celebration Event Lake Kissimmee State Park

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – 10:00am to 2:00pm EST

Regular park entry fees apply.

More Information:
Andi Henry 863-696-1112 or Andrea.Henry@dep.state.fl.us
Located in the Central region at:
Lake Kissimmee State Park
14248 Camp Mack Rd.
Lake Wales , FL 33898

Celebrate the designation of the Buster Island Loop Trail at Lake Kissimmee State Park as an official State paddling trail.  Bring a picnic, canoe or kayak and your camera to capture the fun!  Expect a good turnout from other local paddlers and those who love the park. A short walk to the historic ‘Cow Camp’ will highlight cowboy history.  Paddlers may join an interesting nature tour on the Zipprer Canal with Park Ranger, Andi Henry. There are rentals available from the marina and the trip is suitable for beginners.  After a picnic lunch, the park’s biologist will share surprises about the wildlife and habitat of the area.   Experienced paddlers are welcome to do the whole 11-mile loop in the afternoon.  There will be a new map guide available and a story map online for a ‘virtual tour’ of the trail.

We encourage musicians to bring their instruments and join an acoustic jam as background music during a picnic lunch.

The tentative schedule is as follows.

  • 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. – Visit Cow Camp
  • 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – Guided paddling tour of Zipprer Canal with Park Ranger Andi Henry
  • 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. – Picnic at the observation tower and wildlife talk with Park Biologist

Cow Camp Lake Kissimmee State Park

1876 Cow Camp , Cowboys and Horse

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – 9:30am to 4:30pm EST

Free with regular park admission

More Information:
Park Service Specialist Andrea Henry 863-696-1112 or andrea.Henry@dep.state.fl.us
Located in the Central region at:
Lake Kissimmee State Park
14248 Camp Mack Rd.
Lake Wales , FL 33898

As you meander down the trail to the cow camp, you will travel back in time to 1876.

At the end of the trail you will find a Florida Cow Hunter in a frontier camp along the route of a cattle drive. He will be cooking, making coffee, tending to the cattle or just resting up until the next round up or drive. The cow hunter will be happy to share stories about what his life is like and the challenges he faces.


I Am Thankful For My Bobby Moments

I was just finishing a post for this morning.
I have been up all night. Hurting. I was hoping to make it through today and tomorrow …then crashing on Sunday…..

I won’t be going in this morning.
They really don’t need me there. I was just going to be checking out the last minutes details for the Event.

I know it isn’t necessary. I have done it all already.

So I am staying home today.
Staying off my ankle as much as possible/

So I can be there Saturday for The Grand Opening Event.
I have borrowed a good camera to take photos all day.

Anyway, I was still feeling a bit sorry for myself.
Until I happened to glance at my Number Of Followers.
I have gotten use to the ups and downs of it.  At least the get a few , then a loose a few.
So I don’t pay quite as much attention to it any more.

Tonight I did.
Bobby was born on 7- 17.
7:17 PM
Weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces.
I was in room 17.
He loved the numbers 7 and 17.

A silly thing to make me smile. Nothing special.
I love those moments.

My Bobby Moments.17173_1126358619621_1846842042_234280_8216499_n
577654_3288674184704_1503191236_32294040_1111595008_n (1)


The Story Behind The Photo

I post photos of me all the time. Selfies of me working or just sitting in my recliner. I post pics of Danny and I.
I have never minded being photographed until the last 2 years when I started to gain weight – a lot of it.
I do wish I had more photos of Danny and I in the last 2 years.

There was one time though when a photo of me went VIRAL all over Facebook and on the internet.

It was meant as a gift but before I even saw it, thousand of others had and had SHARED it ALL OVER.

At first I was stunned. Then I felt invaded. Stripped.
I wasn’t sharing my life on a blog as I do now. I was still in the first stages of grief.

After awhile…..After I calmed down. I saw what they saw. A women who looked happy on the surface but whose eyes told a different story.

Most of the people who shared it never even realized that it was a personal photo and hadn’t be intended for anyone but me to see.

What is the picture in question:

Behind My Smile
Behind My Smile

The Story Behind the photo.
Danny and I had been busy all week at the park. It was Spring Break and we were Filled to Overflowing.
We were tired but happy.
This took place on a Sunday Afternoon.

We had interacted with campers all week.
visiting with them while working. Seeing them while we clean bathhouses and filled toilet paper.
We’d answered questions and gave directions.

We were also needing a break.
Danny and I were checking on the campground around noon or a little after.
We got stopped and a guy we had talked to asked us if we could help them with their electric.

Of course we did.
I was excited because they were with a huge group and one of them had a TINY HOME.

I’d been eyeing it all weekend. So had Danny.

Danny went to work on the electric and I asked of I could get a little closer look at the house.
I not only got a closer look but we got a tour of it,

893280_480913165309214_1483076517_oThis is the original photo.

It took awhile for me to realize that it was actually an honor for me to be in such a photo that thousands of people connected with.


Our Neck Of The Woods

There are a number of new readers here who are asking me all sorts of Questions About Our Neck Of The Woods and What It has to do with Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.
SAOT’S Is Filled with Everything I Love.
Well, Our Neck Of The Woods Is Where I Create Everything I DO Here. It is where Danny and I live. It IS US . Therefore It has everything to do With SAOT’S.

There’s been a lot of confusion here about where Danny and I live and work. It’s is a bit complicated. I talk about us working at Lake Kissimmee State Park , Rolling Meadows Ranch and even at Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park. I also mention Catfish Creek ,the Creek. I mention living at the park and RMR .

So here’s a bit of the story:
In  November 2006, I moved to Florida from Colorado. Danny and I moved out of the house his Dad had built when he was a child. He lived in Haynes City all of his life. We bought a 5th Wheel and moved to Camp Mack Fishing Camp…..Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales. It’s right across from Lake Kissimmee State Park. Danny was working at Bok Tower Gardens at the time.

February 1, 2007, Danny got a job as a Park Ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park (LKSP) I started volunteering right away although not full time.   On August 4, 2007, we moved the RV across the street to LKSP and lived in what is called Day Use Area. I was Campground and Day Use  Host….Among many other things.  FULL TIME and then some..We lived there until December 2008.

DSCN7523 DSCN7501 DSCN7503

We moved over to Rolling Meadows Ranch.  (3 miles from the Ranger Station) It was a SOD FARM till the state took it over 6 years before. The Sod people totally moved out January 4, 2009. We remained in the RV until the Cracker House was Gutted and remodeled.
The Dining room
Kitchen10 Kitchen 11 Kitchen 9 4 Cracker House First Pictures- Back Door Kitchen 1st pictures-Dining room - LR and Porch 1st Pictures Old French Doors 1st pictures LR - DR 1st Pictures- Kitchen 1st Pictures -Kitchen 2

the island between the main part of the kitchen and the Break Nook.
the island between the main part of the kitchen and the Break Nook.

1 Cracker House- Front Porch and Master Bedroom- our 1st house- 041 our 1st house- 038

(Part of the kitchen was left as it was. (I wanted the CABINETS.) We worked on the house for  almost 4 years. We moved into the Cracker House and out of the RV in September 2011. It was not totally finish. Not by a long shot. We also needed the RV to cook in, etc. for months.


The Road Home...Collier Farm Drive and The Pastures

Lake Kissimmee State Park manages Rolling Meadows Ranch.  LKSP also Manages Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park (CCPSP) or Catfish Creek. LKSP also manages a place called Money Tree and  a few other tracks of land. Lake Kissimmee State Park also leases pasture land. All the pastures seen from LKSP to RMR on both sides of the road belong to LKSP. Rolling Meadows Ranch connects to CCPSP. So LKSP has almost 20,000 areas to manage.   Rolling Meadows Ranch is the largest of the 3. It’s where we take our NIGHTLY DRIVES that I talk about. It’s more of our Evening Rides because we usually get home around Dark.

Catfish Creek runs through CCPSP and RMR. I’m usually speaking of RMR’S Section of it. SO HAVE I TOTALLY CONFUSED YOU?  It takes time to fully understand all we do.

From Sarah: There are pictures in the original post on Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Page

. Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell.

Danny and I share so much laughter and tears here, working and living here as we do. I needed a place to start downloading  pictures I have taken over the years here. I need to write about them. I spend so much time wishing I was still living in Colorado that I forget what I have here. We really have a great life. I’m praying that once we finally get into the Cracker House things will get better


We are in the remodeled State Cracker House and it is better, although there are times I miss the RV. We lived it in for 5 years. It was home. It WAS OURS…..I am also posting about Country Life in General and Florida in particular.

In Conclusion :

Danny is a park ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park. I volunteer there. I am a former teacher who misses being around kids. I am mom who lost her only son, Bobby 9 years ago. I am a wife. I need to find me again. “Our Neck of the Woods” refers mostly to Rolling Meadows Ranch, were we live. It joins Lake Kissimmee State Park, on one side and Allen David Broussard’s Catfish Creek Preserve State Park on the other. We work mostly at LK and RM. RM was a working sod farm until 6 years ago. Before that it was a tomato farm. We now have a herd of cows roaming on part of it. It is also part of a couple of huge restoration projects. It can be a busy place. Yet, usually all we see are the animals that roam freely in our yard.

This page or blog is for my personal use and those of the friends who may visit here. It is not part Of Lake Kissimmee State Park. It is not connected with it in any way other other than that of a couple who live and work there. The views and opinions expressed are my own and have no bearing to the park itself.

Source: Our Neck Of The Woods



Chit Chat…… Friday, August 28, 2015

Chit Chat:

I had a fellow blogger tell me he wanted some “chit chat”.
That certainly made my day.
So what is chit chat anyway?
Google Search:

noun: chit-chat
  1. 1.
    inconsequential conversation.
    synonyms: small talk, chatter, gossip, chat, chatting, prattle

    “we ran into each other at the pharmacy and had a little chitchat”
verb: chit-chat
  1. 1.
    talk about trivial matters.

    “I can’t stand around chitchatting” ”

    Once I stopped laughing and thought about what to write MY MIND WENT BLANK.
    Chit Chat?
    I couldn’t think of anything to GOSSIP about.

    Small Talk?

    Ok, Let’s try this…..
    I don’t know where all I mentioned it but Danny says we had 5 inches of rain the day before last. Or was it 2 days ago? They all run together.
    Anyway, Rolling Meadows is flooded.
    Lake Kissimmee State Park only got an inch.
    We are only 3 miles from the Park Entrance and the Ranger Station.

    I just finished watching Season One Of Cedar Cove.
    Now if only I could get the rest of the seasons.
    I read the whole series of books by Debbie Macomber a long time ago.
    Then when I saw that BB was going to be in it I couldn’t wait to watch it.
    It just came on on Netflix – DVD’S

    Cedar Cove
    Cedar Cove

    Want to know a secret? I love Bruce Boxleitner.
    DSCN3919 DSCN3920 I started watching him on
    Our The West Was Won.

    B.B. How The West Was Won

    Then I watched
    Scarecrow and Mrs King.

    My favorite role was Down The Long Hills – Louis L’Amour 

    Yes, I had a crush on him.
    Do I still? YEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had enough Chit Chat?

    For Scott Only:
    Thanks Scott.

    Danny should be here soon.
    I am in better spirits.
    I got some much needed sleep.
    Not very long but every little bit helps.
    Happy Friday.
    Love From Our Neck Of The Woods


Drives, Road Trips And Memories – The Great River Road (Illinois) Grafton and Alton. Part 1

What do the words “Road Trips” mean to you?

I can’t stop thinking of road trips.

I miss those carefree days when I was young and our family went on vacations. Scenic vacations.
I will write a post on Route 66. It was a huge part of my childhood and teen years

Route 66 runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.
My drives and road trips after I turned 16. I never took the same road 2xs in a row if I didn’t have to. This post will cover some of those.
I will write a post on driving to Colorado  from Illinois with a girlfriend when we were 16 years old.
Of traveling with Bobby from Illinois to Colorado or Colorado to Illinois.
Road trips with Bobby and his cousins, Mike and Leah.
With Bobby, Kari and Alex.
With my dad, Bobby and I.
So Many awesome memories.
Since Bobby died and I moved to Florida , those road trips stopped. With the exception of 2.
A spur of the moment road trip driving with Karen from Texas to Illinois and then to Kansas in January 2007.
Taking Greyhound back home for mom’s memorial service and Thanksgiving last year. 2014.

To me they mean getting in the Fiat (The Blue Goose) at 17 and heading out for a nightly ride on The Great River Road.

Around 17 here
Around 14 here

http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/byways/Uploads/asset_files/000/015/726/River_road.jpgThe Great River Road Between Grafton And Elsah, Illinois.

“Old Man River, Father of Waters, “body of a nation,” Big Muddy—by any name the mighty Mississippi cuts a mythic figure across the American landscape.”

Old Man River Lyrics

Music Video

“Old Man River” was written by Butler, Herbert/givens, Otha Lee/johnson, Tony Lee /

Here we all work ‘long the Mississippi

Here we all work, while the white boys play
Gettin’ no rest from the dawn till the sunset
Gettin’ no rest till the judgment day

You don’t look up, you don’t look down
You don’t dare make the rich boss frown
Bend your knees and bow your head
And tote that barge until you’re dead

Let me go away from the Mississippi
Let me go away from the rich man boss
Show me that stream called the River of Jordan
That’s the old stream that I long to cross

Old Man River, Old Man River
He don’t say nothin’, he must know somethin’
Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along

You know, you know he don’t plant taters
And we all know the man don’t plant no cotton
And then, then they plant ’em
Oh the Lord knows they are soon forgotten
But Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along

You, you and me, you know sometimes
We have to we have to sweat, sweat and strain
Our bodies, our bodies are all achin’
And wracked with a whole lot of pain

Tote that barge, lift that bale, you get a little drunk
And you land in jail

I get weary and so sick of tryin’
I’m tired of livin’, and afraid of dyin’
But Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ ahttps://youtu.be/eh9WayN7R-s
Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along

BUTLER, HERBERT/GIVENS, OTHA LEE/JOHNSON, TONY LEE /Paul Robeson – Old Man River Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Old Man River Song…. Paul Robinson Showboat.
My dad loved to sing this song……Usually the first song he would sing when we went camping…..

Grafton and Elsah

I love my hometown of Grafton, Illinois. To be honest, If It wouldn’t have been so hot and humid there in the summertime and cold and damp in the winter , I probably would never have left it to move to Colorado.
I would have just gone to Colorado , every chance I had.
I would probably still be there, On the farm…..In my parent’s house.
I loved farm life. But that is another story.
Illinois is beautiful. Roads that go on and on forever. Crisscrossing  like they DON’T DO In Florida Or Even Colorado.

Leaving the farm and just driving.

Farm Life
Farm Life I’ve posted these just last week in mom’s memorial post. Mom and Donna and my rabbits. Above, Me with Cisco and Ralphie Jr.

Mom and dad learned early on that this was the best way for me to relax if I wasn’t reading.
I had the car. I bought it right after I got my license. The day after my 16th birthday. Although, I had a license to drive farm equipment since I was 14.
I bought my own gas and insurance. 

It means having the top down more times than not, radio on  or an 8  track of Elvis playing. 

ELVIS PRESLEY At Madison Garden ~ 1972 Eight Track Tape Elvis Presley
I would listen to Elvis singing Memphis Tennessee over and over again.

Another song I would listen to over and over again was :
“River Road By Crystal Gayle
Here I go once again with my suitcase in my hand
And I’m running away down River Road
And I swear, once again, that I’m never coming home
Yes, I’m chasing my dreams down River Road

Mama said, “Listen child, you’re too old to run wild
You’re too big to be fishin’ with the boys these days”
So I grabbed some clothes and I ran
Stole five dollars from a sugar can
A twelve year old jail breaker runnin’ away

Here I go once again with my suitcase in my hand
And I’m running away down River Road
And I swear, once again, that I’m never coming home
I’m chasing my dreams down River Road

Well, I married a pretty good man and he tries to understand
But he knows I’ve got leavin’ on my mind these days
When I get that urge to roam I’m just like a kid again
The same old jail breaker runnin’ away

Here I go once again with my suitcase in my hand
And I’m running away down River Road
And I swear, once again, that I’m never coming home
I’m chasing my dreams down River Road”

Bobby grew up listening to the songs I loved . We would sing them together. 577654_3288674184704_1503191236_32294040_1111595008_n (1)
Bobby and I 1981.

The photos of us were taken one year at Royal Gorge. His cousins were visiting and I had promised to take everyone there. It was one of the few hot summer days Colorado had that year. In the 90's. No humidity though.
The photo of us was taken one year at Royal Gorge. His cousins were visiting and I had promised to take everyone there.
It was one of the few hot summer days Colorado had that year. In the 90’s. No humidity though.
Bobby, Mike and Leah
Bobby, Mike and Leah Cascade Colorado- Bobby 4, Mike 3 and Leah 2. 1984
My kids
My kids

My kids. I thought of them that way. They were almost always together for the first  5 years of their lives. More like brother’s and sister than cousins.

Grafton and Elsah
“Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, and stretching out for approximately two miles along the Illinois River, is the picturesque river town of Grafton. Founded in 1832 by James Mason, Grafton is the oldest town in Jersey County. Described as a “post office, one store, one tavern, and a number of families” in 1834, the area was being settled as early as 1812 when a blockhouse was built at the confluence for protection.”

I usually headed to Grafton and then turn left on the River Road to Elsah. Then down the unpaved road there (it is paved now) and on out to 100. (highway 100) and home. A short drive.
Grafton and Elsah


“Built in 1858 this home was for many years the home of the village butcher and fisherman, Issac Haupt. The stone part of the structure was built as a two-room house with an outside stair to the second floor. The frame portion on the right was added in the 1890s. Then in the 1940s the house was modernized by adding an inside stair, living room fireplace, bathrooms, and oak flooring over the old random width pine boards in the living and dining rooms.”

The Buggy Shop : “John Reintges erected the wagon shop in the summer of 1877. Although there have been, some changes, particularly in the front, the buggy shop is one of the buildings that gives Elsah its quaint flavor. You can still read the lettering painted across the gable end of the shop “Wagons and Buggies Made and Repaired.”

Or I would head further down the road to a little road shortly before you reached Alton and the Piasa Bird.

The down 100 and home. There was an old bridge back then….They took it out years ago.
For the longer drives (Usually during the day) I would turn right in Grafton and head West Towards Hardin.

“Some of the region’s most dramatic scenery is nestled along a winding road north of Alton, Illinois. Drive along the Great River Road with the Mississippi River on one side and soaring limestone bluffs on the other. The bluffs, noted in the journals of 17th-century explorers Marquette and Joliet, sheltered the fierce Piasa Bird of Native American legend. Just north of Alton, you’ll find an image of the serpent-like bird painted on the limestone cliffs. Enjoy antique hunting in Alton and charming Grafton to the north. Picnic beside the river, bike on the trail under the bluffs or explore the grounds of Pere Marquette State Park and its classic log lodge.

Cross the Mississippi or Illinois rivers on one of four ferries at Kampsville, Grafton, Brussels and Winfield or stop in the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville to learn more about the region’s prehistoric heritage. On the way back to St. Louis, visit the Argosy Casino Alton or stop in the National Great Rivers Museum at the Melvin Price Locks and Dam. Learn about the Corps of Discovery at the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site in Hartford, Illinois, located at the site of the explorers’ Camp Dubois.”


Sometimes, my sister, Donna (5 years younger would tag along).

I have so many memories that I can’t wait to share.
Until Next Time:
It was one of those times I felt like signing as Debbie.
Love you all.


Special Mom and Son Moments Together: Memories # 1

“Mom, You are going to marry that man and I will give you away”.

Early Pictures With Danny (97)“Mom, You are going to marry that man and I will give you away”.

Bobby 2004
Bobby 2004

Bobby  came over to the house for supper one night.
I fixed a favorite of his. Brats.
We were just having fun in the kitchen when the phone rang. Bobby answered it.
It was Danny. I could tell by the way Bobby was talking to whomever  on the phone. Next thing I knew, Bobby hung up the phone before I could grab it from him,
“Danny said he will call you later”. A few minutes went by. Bobby was very quiet.
That was not unusual. What was unusual was  the huge grin starting to show on his face.
“Mom? ” |
” What Bob”.
“Your are going to marry that man”.
Well, that certainly got my attention.
“I’m going to what..?….Danny hasn’t asked me to marry him?”

I don't have many of the thousand of photos I used to have of Bobby. This one was one day when he came by for a visit because he's promised to. He was so tired. 2005
I don’t have many of the thousand of photos I used to have of Bobby. This one was one day when he came by for a visit because he’s promised to. He was so tired.

He didn’t answer that and I let it go.
Then he grinned again:
“And I am going to give you away…..”

Until Danny came along the year before this:
Bobby and I had never talked about my ever marrying. At least not since the usual childhood talks we had had  about why I wasn’t married and never dated anyone.

I had long since stopped dreaming about getting married and having my dad give me away.
Lately though, getting married had crossed my mind. So had my dad walking me down the island.
Yes, I had been thinking about it. We were headed that way.
I just knew it.

Danny had been talking about my moving to Florida permanently. He also knew I would never move in with him. 577654_3288674184704_1503191236_32294040_1111595008_n (1)

To get back to the actual conversation
I said something about my dad doing the honor.
Bobby said it was his place. It was his job  to protect me.
Yes, Bobby would be the one giving me away.

I had raised an awesome son.

The photos of us were taken one year at Royal Gorge. His cousins were visiting and I had promised to take everyone there. It was one of the few hot summer days Colorado had that year. In the 90's. No humidity though.
The photos of us were taken one year at Royal Gorge. His cousins were visiting and I had promised to take everyone there.
It was one of the few hot summer days Colorado had that year. In the 90’s. No humidity though.

Love you Bobby.



Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like trains?
I miss seeing them. Wondering where they are going? Their stories? I want to travel where they travel.



My son took these pictures on a slow, rainy train journey through the swamps and woods of the Blackstone Valley. They have lain here, in my files, waiting for a time to properly present them. A little processing to make them more painterly … and they are ready.




The tracks are old and narrow and the train, which runs once a week and goes from one yard to another, never exceeds five miles per hour.

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Tuna and Macaroni Salad

The only thing I know I would do differently is use the whole egg. I am an egg yolk person.
This salad looks awesome.

The McCallum's Shamrock Patch

Tuna and Macaroni SaladTuna and Macaroni Salad is a simple, fresh tasting and budget friendly recipe we have made over the years in my household. Solid white albacore tuna, al dente macaroni, hardboiled egg whites, diced red onions, fresh parsley, sliced dill gherkins pickles, mayonnaise and a hint of freshly squeezed lemon juice make this Summer salad a winning combination for your next cookout.

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Be Our Guest!

I am in awe of this room.
From The Post Itself.
“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”
Proverbs‬ ‭31‬:‭26-27

Don’t you look forward to a little get away? I always love it when I arrive somewhere and it feels inviting! Whether it be a fabulous resort or someone’s home, the atmosphere can just announce “Welcome-we have been expecting you!!!” We all have overnight guests in our homes at some time or the other…so, how do we extend a warm welcome and make them feel comfortable during their time with us? I have often read that you should sleep in your guest room(s) to make sure that everything is inviting and that all the creature comforts have been provided! This guest room is small with only a twin bed, but there is a large writing desk and chair that provides a great place to read and relax! Come take a look…we invite you to be our guest!!

Everyday Living

 “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”
Proverbs‬ ‭31‬:‭26-27

Don’t you look forward to a little get away?  I always love it when I arrive somewhere and it feels inviting!  Whether it be a fabulous resort or someone’s home, the atmosphere can just announce “Welcome-we have been expecting you!!!”  We all have overnight guests in our homes at some time or the other…so, how do we extend a warm welcome and make them feel comfortable during their time with us?  I have often read that you should sleep in your guest room(s) to make sure that everything is inviting and that all the creature comforts have been provided!  This guest room is small with only a twin bed, but there is a large writing desk and…

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Re-posted From Tish Farrell: A bench with many views and a windmill

From Sarah: Loved this post. Beautiful shots.

Tish Farrell



This bench is only a short walk from our house, although a bit of a steep haul up Windmill Hill. The windmill itself is quite a landmark in Much Wenlock, although much about its history, and how it looked when in use, remain to be discovered by the stalwart Windmill Trust whose members take care of it.

There is always something to see from this bench, quite apart from the views across Shropshire. Even the vegetation is interesting. It is a rare remnant of limestone meadow, and in late spring there will be cowslips and orchids here, wild thyme and primroses. Later there will be agrimony, giant  knapweed, St John’s Wort, yellow bedstraw and hare bells. Sometimes the miniature ponies graze here, all part and parcel of preserving the meadow.



Recently some of us combined dog walking and watching the eclipse from here. And while we were doing that…

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A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: The 5 Important Graces of a Christian Home

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, 

as God in Christ forgave you.” 

 -Ephesians 4:32

Today we are covering Chapter 4 of The Most Important Place on Earth. You can still join along with us and can find the book HERE. 

Verse Of The Day : Happy Sunday. 

​She is a skilled worker -She understands the components of her domain–she just does not manage, but she seeks to manage and do it well. (Proverbs 31:10-31, Titus 3-5).

7 simple steps to cutting back to save money – A Fresh Start on a Budget /Sarah Talks About Their Spending


Fresh Start On A Budget :

 Karissa has some great tips. 

 From Sarah :

Groceries : 

I work hard at saving what little money we have. I have a monthly grocery list. I add or take away from it as needed. It is pretty bare. Few extras. 

NOW WHILE I AM TRYING TO SAVE MONEY DANNY IS ON THE LOOSE. The last time he bought a generator. 



The state park has a generator for us to use if we need it. All the state houses have one. Danny wanted his own. 

He doesn’t usually purchase something that costly every month but his things add up and we don’t budget for them. I do in my head. I just know him. 

THE KITCHEN GETS HOT. 86 at times. Yes we have Central  Air in there but we have a huge house and it is on the far side. In the blazing sun.

I will splurge a bit (when I can) on Danny’s lunches, especially when he has late field in the summer. He doesn’t eat breakfast at home except when he is off. 

Fruits, yogurts,  jello and pudding. 

I wish he would eat fruit that wasn’t cut up.  

He enjoys the packages of fruits etc. I like buying bigger containers and putting them in smaller ones. 

He takes leftovers from the night before plus a  sandwich and a good size salad. 

 For years I would try and have 2 different meats every night because Danny liked the choices. You can imagine the cost.  2 meats for a dinner.  

He wanted steak. When he had steak he wanted shrimp. You get the picture. 
Who wouldn’t want STEAK AND  SHRIMP? 

Not the cheaper pieces of steak but ribeyes and porterhouse. 

Man am I craving that now.


With Shrimp.

I have finally broken him of the NEED for 2 meats every night. 

Occasionally I will add 2 meats to stir frys or we will have cheap steak and shrimp.

Christmas, birthdays and holidays I splurge as much as I can. I save up to do it. 

We don’t have cable. We get Netflix and Feelin. Feelin is for me. FREE HULU.

Internet : No I won’t get started with that. Although if we could PAY FOR FASTER SERVICE WE WOULD. We spend $65.00.
We pay $ 8.00  a month for a land line. Included in the price above.

Half the time it’s doesn’t work well. 

Danny still has Verizon for his cell phone. He pays $135.00 . A MONTH.

Don’t ask me why? He gets terrible service and for the most part….uses it for work. YEP… WORK. There is just something wrong with that.  He has texting and until lately seldom ever used it. 

He uses it to text me now.  Sometines. His brother texts him every so often. Not much. My family texts me on it if they need to. I would use it when I needed to. 

Danny doesn’t talk to anyone.  Except Park Staff and my family when they call.

Yes he has a flip phone. 

He bought a cheap tablet hoping to use it at the park for work. He couldn’t.  
I got fed up not having cell service. I often had to wait until Danny was home to call my dad. The land line goes out or has too much static most of the time. 

I decided I deserved a cell phone with service. For years I have had a smartphone without service. I used our Internet with it. I am not much of a phone person. I don’t call ANYONE but a few times a year. … except dad and my family. Even then, not often enough. I did miss texting Danny and my niece and nephews. Friends. 

I finally found TextNow. I started using the free service from this smartphone I use to do most everything online. I love it. As long as I have Internet , it works. 
Well, we don’t always have internet. We also live far enough out that phone service is iffy. Most days though, I can get it all through the house.

I signed up for PAID service. I spend less than $20.00 a month. I got another smartphone for under $10.00.

Samsung Prevail 2.
If I would have had the extra money I would have spent $ 70.00 on a Samsung Galaxy S5. The one I have is an S4.

For less than $100.00 I could have bought a S6..

So I am hoping to buy another plan for Danny and get me the S6 for Christmas. 

Yep, I want the better phone. 

I have checked.  Dad gets Sprint where he lives so the phone should work in Arizona when we get there.  Donna has great Internet in their house in Illinois. 

I have tried to cover all bases.

Not that we ever go anywhere.  The trip to Arizona in October was canceled.  Dad had to. Long story there.   

Danny can only use his phone in the kitchen

 -if he is lucky.

 By an open window- if he is lucky.

 Or outside , in the heat and humidity….


 Most of the time at the park, there are only  3 places he can usually use his phone. 3 places. We have thousands of acres. Maybe.
Why won’t he at least try something else?  

Danny is STUBBORN. 

He keeps asking me …. can you get service here.? YEP.


Did I say he was stubborn? 

I had it the last couple of times the Internet when out. 

He fussed and fummed. Did he try mine?

Granted, Internet service wasn’t great. You could check emails and get on Facebook. He does not do Facebook.

But I could do more than he could. 

Plus I had it when he went to Tallahassee.  We were able to text each other.  All day long.

I pay less than $30.00. A month. I get service outside. 


My rant over about the phone service and Danny. 

How often do we go out? Usually only once a month.  Before we go to Walmart for our monthly grocery run. 

We also go to tractor supply for cat and rabbit supplies. They are cheaper there than Walmart. 

We have a little country store just down the road from us. 

We both have to watch it there.  It’s where we go to get the few things that don’t last for a month. Milk. Salad fixings. 

It’s where I splurge and pick up ice cream. I went without for years. I try and only get it every once in awhile.

I don’t do well sometimes.

I buy the odd candy bar. I won’t keep any at home. No chocolate of any kind either.

Danny will decide he wants snacks and will get them.

It’s hard not buying what we want to. 


How to know you’re really loved – Sarah Mae

Here, at the foot of this cross, the God of the universe has crawled into your skin, into your suffering, into your doubt and has rescued you from death, hell, and every snare of the Enemy. This is the place where you must learn to take refuge. Here, at the cross, you know you are loved with a love that will never fail.


A quest post by Edie Wadsworth.  

How To Know You’re Really Loved?

From Sarah: 
Just look at the cross. The cross is the best example of how much Christ loved us.  

We live in a world where it is easy to feel unloved and lost

 I couldn’t download the photo. Tried multiple times. 

Bi-Weekly Whole Food Meal Plan for Sept 25–Oct 8 — the Better Mom


The Better Mom: 2 Weeks Of Meals

Meal Planning 

Sept. 24- Free and Discounted Inspirational Books | LifeVerse Books

Are you living your dreams today, or at least reading about them until they come into reality? Saturday is a perfect day to read a book and refresh your mind. Stop the pattern of overworking, overstressing, and overcommitting and do something for yourself today. Do NOT feel guilty for your choice to read a book when you should be “doing something more productive.” 



PBS Just Announced Their 2016 Thanksgiving Lineup – PBS Anne of Green Gables Adaptation


Something To Look Forward To This Thanksgiving.

A New Version Of Anne Of Green Gables Premiers On PBS.

Jump Start Your Quiet Time – Video E-Course – Worshipful Living

 7 Days To Jump  Start Your Quiet Time Video Series. 

I don’t have it but I would if money wasn’t an issue.  Check it out.

The Miracle Is Worth the Mess – (in)courage


The Miracle Is Worth The Mess :

By (in) Courage 

I am a farm girl so I can easily see the relevance of this post.  

Chickens And Their Poo ?  How can THAT be good? 

Chili Chili Bang Bang – Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved


Chili Chili Bang Bang by Wonderfully Mare.

This is the movie they like to watch while eating their chili. 

A family favorite.

Chili Chili Bang Bang

A vegetarian chili. You can add chicken or other meat to it. 

This is a Thin Healthy Momma Recipe.

How Random Acts of Kindness — and Lots of Practice — Made Me Happier


Random Acts Of Kindness: By Everyday Health.

So very simple: Smile more.

How to Read the Bible in a Year Successfully


Latoya Edwards : How To Read The Bible In A Year Successfully.

There are a few really good tips here. 
This is an inexpensive Bible. You can find it on Amazon

Accountability : Do it in a group.  Study this with other women. Men to if you want to. It helps working with others. 
I have read the Bible all the way through in a year. I found it hard because I didn’t have the time to do any other Bible / Book Studies.  

I enjoy different ongoing studies going on simultaneously.  I admit, I have more than I need. 

My advice:

Read the Bible with an online group. Their are so many really good ones. There are also a lot of great Bible study books. 

Area You Waiting On God or is God Waiting On You? – Women Living Well


Check out Courtney new video. 

Women Living Well: Part of Our Joshua Bible Study. 

When the Hard and Mundane Feels Endless – Club 31 Women


Endless! Mundane! Meaningless!  

Housework ? 

Club 31 Women : Hard/ Mundane/ Endless

Ask the Lord to help.

Savoring the Season: Tips to Live Intentionally this Fall and Beyond – Creative Home Keeper

While there are many activities and events that only happen during this season, plan downtime where you can be at home together.

Baking, reading books, carving a pumpkin, raking leaves together(make it fun to feel less like a chore), making decorations, playing outside together, watching a movie with the fireplace lit and some warm lattes in hand… this season is full of wonderful opportunities to create meaningful traditions at home together with the people you love most of all. 

Fall was designed to feel comfy and cozy snuggled between fuzzy blankets with the ones you love the most!


I saw this first on Young Wife’s Guide. 

Savoring The Season : Tips To Live Internationally This Fall And Beyond by 

Creative Home Keeper.

My Favorite Bible Study Tools – Worshipful Living


Mandy wrote this last year so we are studying a different book in the Bible right now. Joshua. Everything else is still up to date. 

Bible Study Resources By Worshipfulliving.com.  

Worshipful Living 

Thursday’s Joshua Bible Studies – Good Morning Girls

Chapter 14

Bible Verse For Thursday

Thursday’s Study Question

How to Change the Laundry into the Chore You Love – Club 31 Women


How To Change Laundry Into A Chore You Love

By Club 31 Women. 

Makeover your laundry room.

Add a few photos.  Or do a total Redo

Time For Wednesday’s Bible Study. 

Reading  Joshua 13

Wednesday’s Bible Verse : 

Wednesday’s Study Question : 

Hope for the Broken – R E P O R T E R of H O P E


Reporter Of Hope : Hope For The Broken

The Butterfly Story

Pumpkin Spice Latte {Made with Real Pumpkin!} – Creative Home Keeper


Pumpkin Spiced Latte Made With Real Pumpkin

Yes, Real Pumpkin

Tuesday’s Joshua Bible Study By Good Morning Girls

Read Joshua 12

Verse of the day. 

Study Question.

It should have gone out this morning.  Sorry about that. 8 PM 

A Few Ways to Live Out the Gospel in Your Homemaking | The Humbled Homemaker

Part of my Making Your Home A Haven: Housewives And Homemaking Series.

From The

The Humbled Homemaker :

I am having A TERRIBLE TIME doing that.

80 Fall Family Activities! Whoa!


Your Vibrant Family : 80 Fall Family Activities, Recipes…

Check this out. It’s huge.

15 Things You Can Do Each Morning to Make Your Day More Successful – Money Saving Mom®


Money Saving Mom: 

Things You Can Do Each Morning To Make Your Day More Successful.