About Me : Debbie Sue (Sarah)

About Me : Debbie Sue (Sarah).As I stubble through my Facebook accounts , pages and groups, the 2 blogs I have started (this being one of them) and all of the other social media platforms I seem to have connected to I find myself LOST in a world I can’t keep up with.
My name is an issue. Am I Debbie Or Sarah  or Sarah Sue? My names are a story ALL their own.
I started with one email account: ralphiejr1@yahoo.com in the mid 90’s. (Ralphie Jr. was a pet rabbit from when I still lived on the farm) It was all I needed. Then when Danny and I got together and were emailing each other, I wanted one HE could remember. So I started one at Juno.
Somehow, I have 6 of them. 2 are state emails.
I never remember what email and password I used for which site/blog.
Have I confused you yet?
10 years ago. I was Debbie Sue Kasch. Single Mom. Teacher. Daughter.   Living in Colorado and loving it.
9 years ago. I married and moved to Florida  AFTER my only child died. Bobby was 25. Almost 26.
Am I still a mom? In my Heart :YES!!!!
Am I still a teacher? Yes.
Do I work? Yes. Hard. What do I do? I volunteer at the same state park where Danny works as a ranger.
Danny has always called me by my nickname from high school so in Florida I am Sarah.
So many changes.
Still grieving. Both Bobby and my mom who recently went to Heaven.
Now I am questioning so many things. I feel displace. LOST.
I am reaching out.

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