Reblogged From Elizabeth Peterson: No Regrets
From Sarah: Elizabeth’s  timing on this post is perfect.
Menopause has not been good to me.
I was sitting at my desk here, waiting for Danny to come out of his Computer Room where he’s been tied up since we got home from Walmart. I’ve had a sinus headache all day. So my mood hasn’t been all that good. I’d tried laying down but couldn’t fall asleep. I just KNEW Danny was going to come out and say: “Are you ready for a glass of wine?” It’s been our habit to have a glass or so of wine every night. We both look forward to that. I usually have a few snacks ready as well.
This was my first read of the day.
I’d been thinking of ALL the words I wanted to say to him. The ones I really shouldn’t say. The angry, bitter or whining words.
Danny hasn’t done anything wrong. I could always go in and just ask “How much longer”.
Yet, I sit and ponder ALL those WORDS.
So Elizabeth: Thank you.

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