Re-posting :Persistence Prevails When All Else Fails—Being an Outlasterby Kristen Lamb

Persistence Prevails When All Else Fails—Being an Outl
From Sarah: Kristen’s Blog is a new one for me. I have only been following it and her for a few weeks now.
I have struggled for years writing because I can’t write the way I use to…The way I want to. It’s all garbled sometimes. Words use to flow so easily from my brain to my pen.

Now, I have bits and pieces …nothing really fitting …Kind of the way I feel about my self any more.
I love the Word: Outlaster. I want to be an OUTLASTER. Not just here blogging away but in my life.
I got off the subject: This Post of Kristen’s. Read it. Please. Let’s all be Outlaster’s in the blogging world and in our won world at home.
Hugs Sarah


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