Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures First Attempt at a Blog Roll or Listing Blogs I Love.

Actually, It is a second attempt. My first one didn’t get very far even after spending an hour or so on it. Thought I SAVED a Draft but can’t seem to find it. Lost forever in space. O is it just hiding somewhere to be found when I don’t need it any more. Or Well Here I go again.
(Saved this by the way. Yes, I saw it.
These are not in any order. I am going through my email and posting them as I come to them.
A Wise Woman posts on ” building up your home, homemaking, character, hospitality, femininity, family, tea, recipes, parenting, marriage, homeschooling”, and many other topics. Words in ” ” were taken from the blog in the about section. It is uplifting.
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Cindy is amazing. She is a non- stop project making /creative genius. What’s more she gets her family and their friends in on the work.
From Sarah:
Ok . I am not sure what I am doing Wrong here. I saved the draft. Then previewed it. There was a second picture In the number 2 slot. Yet, both times I went to add number 3 I would loose the photo. ???????
Trying again.

Creations By Cindy

It is showing the photo now. Good So far. Not going to save this time. I hope I don’t lose it.
3. JoysSaved but didn’t preview.

I loved the post from today. Weary But Pressing On. I am feeling the same way. about Spring Cleaning. This is a great post. 4.
From Sarah: Trying to get the full logo with the Name of the blog as well as the picture. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Part of It is the computer I am on. I am having a few glitches with it every once in awhile.
Then there is ME.
The brain is a bit froggy (As Danny Calls it). I don’t always think clearly. Fibro Fog they call it. Whatever it is called : It is a huge part of me.
#PureBlogLove #The McCallumsShamrockPatchFrom Sarah:
Not the photo I wanted but it shows what site it is.
And I am saving the draft as I go.
Heidy is remarkable. Fun. Energetic. Creative. She has wonderful recipes and the history of many of them. She loves all things Vintage and retro. Family  is important to her.
Leaving you with these four. I didn’t get very far.
I wanted to list a number of them. . Publishing these now and will add to soon. I am also leaving all the comments I wrote as I was working my way through this. I hope they make sense.
Have a wonderful afternoon. Sarah

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