The Story Behind My Angel Mom Picture

Behind My Smile
Behind My Smile

A very special friend of mine on Facebook saw the photo below that I had posted and saw what few really take the time to notice. She saw a smile. A real smile, yet one that hides so many things. Just like my eyes. They both tell a story.

I am sitting in front of a Tiny House that Danny and I saw at Lake Kissimmee State Park during Spring Break, 2013.

Danny and I had had a really busy week. The park was full of Day Use and Campers. We’d been working a 7 day week. It was Sunday and we were ready for the shift to end to we could go home and rest.
We’d been talking to this couple camping in this awesome Tiny Home he built all weekend. Sunday they invited us over for a tour.
I was happy . We were Happy.

Danny at the Tiny Home.

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