My Email Accounts Are Running Away: Filling Up: I Have Days of Them.

I know it is impossible to read and comment on ALL of the Blogs, Post etc. that I love let alone read all my others. No one can keep up.
I really got behind  earlier in the week.
Too much emotional stuff got in the way.
The last two days my mind and body are out of whack.
Nothing serious. Normal Lupus and Fibro days.
Today was spent almost entirely in bed or on the couch.
Not sick just hurting. Mind is foggy. I wrote about that a short while ago.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Get out. Have Fun. Drive safely.
Danny and I will be working all weekend.
The park will be full. When I am not there I have mowing to do here.
So if I don’t answer a comment or read a post or 2 or 3 ……It’s not YOU …I want to read everything.
Enjoy the rest of the night. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

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