May 21, 2015
I always seem to experience what I call Brain Fog. I won’t go into detail about Fibro right now. I just want you all to know:
I make a lot of spelling errors when I write any more. No matter how hard I try or how hard I proofread…. there will be mistakes.
Not sure why it happens. Some words I have trouble with all the time.
An example is sister. I know how to spell it. It is not hard.
Most of the time any more I want to spell it Sisiter.
Or Marilyn: Maryln,
Just the other day, I reposted something from Debbie Reynolds.
A few minutes ago, I corrected the post. I had misspelled Reynolds.
I  had written Renyolds. I caught it and changed it.
Then just now I am writing about it and I couldn’t remember how to spell it.
Thank heaven for spell check. When it catches my mistakes.
I know I also use the word, I , way too much.
I just can’t think of what else to use.
Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging.
This is very hard on me. I taught school for 17 years then ran an accredited  preschool/ daycare. I use to write and write well.
So  I apologize for ANY and ALL Mistakes here.

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