More Emails and What Blogs I love. Featuring Ally’s Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman

From Sarah:   The original post was on Ally’s Kitchen. A favorite of mine. I try not to miss any of her posts.
This one post led to another , then another.
I have been a fan of Ree’s since 2010 ? I don’t have cable so I can’t watch any of her shows. I will catch a few on You Tube.
She is awesome. SO full of life. On the go.
Who can ignore how she talks about the Marlboro Man?
I enjoy the ranch/ farm life/ watching the kids growing up even more than the cooing part.
Who doesn’t love Ally? She’s a ball of fire as well. A Boho.
Ally’s Kitchen: Inspired Home – Talking With Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman                                                                             
From Ally:
Ree Drummond is a legend in the food world…a legend who started just about a decade ago as a food blogger. Simply talking about life on the ranch, posting food that she was making for the family and cowboys, and sharing a world that not many live. Now today she’s a Food Network star, a prolific cookbook author and she’s launched her own line of housewares. I mean talk about the American dream! And, the thing about it is she’s successful because she started doing what she loves, what she has a passion for and what she wanted to share with friends out there who were like minded.

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