I messed Up- NASCAR IS ON NOW. – No Food FOR IT. ….My Mood Swings

I like NASCAR. I really do. Yet, for me, the fun is the food and excitement of the crowd.
I  like sitting with Danny and cheering them on.
Danny just sits there. He will comment occasionally. On the technical stuff.
I get excited. He  doesn’t. Boring.
I love him to death but he drives me crazy when he just sits there as if it is the most boring thing he has ever seen.
I didn’t know it was on TONIGHT. Danny never mentioned it.
I assumed it was on earlier today…. Since Danny was working and I hadn’t been feeling well, I wasn’t to concerned.
Totally my fault. I get updates in my emails.
You have to read them.
We have a schedule posted in his computer room.
You have to look at it.
Obviously, I didn’t.
At 6 PM, Danny says “The race is on. ”
Me, “When?”
Danny, ” Now”.
The antenna wasn’t hooked up. (We have to unhook it because of lightening. Last year, lightening took out a brand new TV and a new desk top. MINE.)
I hate moments like this. I don’t know why it happens but my mood changes QUICKLY and DRASTICALLY.
Yep, My mood instantly changed. It went from good to “Bitchy” .
I kept it in -check . Didn’t say much.
It was as if this was the most important thing happening. A life event.
It wasn’t. It was NASCAR.
Why do I have to react like I do?
I never had before. I use to take everything as it happened. In stride.
Danny use to comment that not much ever phased me. I just went on.
So we don’t have anything to eat.  Who really cares? Danny certainly doesn’t.
I am the only one who likes to eat …who really enjoys eating during a race.
I grew up watching baseball, football, basketball and NASCAR.
We either gathered around at home with family and friends or we watched it at someone else’s house.
Mom and I loved to cook and we cooked up a storm.
Family, friends, good food, drinks and a game or race.
Fun times.
One of the reasons I enjoy eating during a race is because Danny and I don’t usually eat together. (Danny eats right before he goes to bed. No matter if it is 4 AM. )
He admits, he likes  having chicken wings or homemade pizza to eat during the race.
I am not ready for HIGH VOLUME……Danny has it all the way up. On a good day, it is too loud for me. I also have trouble with the bright lights.
So the TV got set up. Volume blasting away.
He had his beer. I made popcorn.
Then I came in here to write this. Here meaning the porch right off the living room.
I have our other TV in here with me. I turned it on. Volume Muted since I am almost closer  to the TV in the living room than he is.
I am comfy, sitting in my recliner in the porch.
Waiting for my mood to improve so I can go out there with Danny …….
I am not sure he even notices I am not sitting in my usual spot.
THE RACE IS OVER:  I re-wrote a good part of this.
I still sound like a whiner.
It was a good race. I watched part of it in the living room.
My  mood only slightly improved.
Just when it was really getting exciting I had to go lay down.
Too much noise and bright lights. Too much silence from Danny.
One thing I did managed to do was not make an issue out of any of it.
AFTERALL, It was just me being me and Danny being Danny.
BY the way: The Winner Was Carl Edwards.

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  1. Jimmie isn’t quite on form at the moment! It’s a shame when you think about races of old…


    1. Sorry, I never saw this. It was send to my spam file. No Jimmie hasn’t been doing as well the last few years. Thanks for commenting.

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