My Brain. Spelling Mistakes.

My Brain. Spelling Mistakes. A Long Week. A Long Month. A Not So Good Year. Lupus and Fibro .
Once again, I saw it. Long after I posted.
I misspelled Odyssey, Not once but a number of times.
Even looking at the PAGE with the Correct SPELLING I misspelled it.
Yes, I can and will go back and correct it.
I wish tag and categories would be that easy to fix.
I try so hard to get it right. I really do. Somethings I just haven’t figured out yet….How to delete tags I don’t want or how to delete them when I make a mistake….I will figure all that out.
It’s the everyday, brain fog, that I seem to be dealing with lately. It’s not the short term  or the only in the morning but ALL DAY LONG spells I am having.
I am use to not feeling good in the mornings. I get better as the day goes on. By late evening ….I am usually at my best.
The last few months, it’s been late afternoon/early evening before I function well. If then.
My brain just isn’t clearing. My motor skills aren’t good.
I am saying the wrong word for something more and more.
An example: water gauge instead of rain gauge.
Or I am completely at a loss for a word.
I haven’t been feeling well at all. I have written about it a time or two.
It’s the lupus….I have been through it before.
Except, years ago, I didn’t have the brain fog. I wasn’t 56.
It hurts just to get out of bed.
But then it hurts lying in bed.
I can’t handle noise. Or much light at all.
I love listening to music. Not at the moment I can’t. I haven’t watched a movie in almost two weeks.
I wrote about NASCAR on Sunday. Loud and Bright. I went to bed while it was on.
I remember how I once was. I remember that so clearly.

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