Good Morning Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

Good morning From Florida.
Danny left for work a half ago. I turned the sprinklers on in back (really the side of the house). We planted a little (Not nearly enough) grass seed a couple of weeks ago and are watering 2x’s a day. Even when it rains. The ground is so dry here.
At the park, it is another story. It is still flooded in parts of it. Wet in most. It’s been a wet 9 months.
Yesterday we FINALLY took Mr. Bojangles (he’s 2 years old) to the vet. He got his shots. He still needs to get fixed. Next month, I hope.
We have been fortunate……He hasn’t sprayed. He is in doors except for the few times we take him outside for a cat dragging.  He finally starts waling like he should about the time we come in.
Danny gave him to me Mother’s Day Weekend 2 years ago.
We had another cat at the time. Her name was Mittens. She died last July. She was 18 years old.
The time will come when we find another cat to replace Mittens. Both of us want another one.

I'm so tired Mom.
I’m so tired Mom.
Mittens RIP

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