It’s June…..Thank Goodness

Happy June 1,
May was NOT a good month so I am glad it’s over.
Danny and I had a very relaxing weekend OFF. We went grocery shopping Sunday and watched NASCAR.
we watered and watered and watered some more.
It’s been hot and dry.
Yet, the park is still flooded in places.
We are suppose to have a huge storm tonight. It’s gotten dark out already and I heard thunder in the distance. That means Mr. Bojangles will be heading this way. Probably towards my lap.
It was 93 out this afternoon.
Danny is on his first day of 7 fate field, which means he won’t get home until 9 PM or later.
I love late field. He HATES it so I hate it for him.
I just seem to do better on it.
I am a late nighter. I get up with him every morning and get him off. Then I usually go back to bed.
Danny and I slept late this morning. I was up and dressed  9. That is good for me.
I had a yard to mow. Or to at least start.
The back and the sides look good. There is a little section near the pastures in back I couldn’t finish. Another piece of fencing wire got caught in the lawn mower.
Danny will love that. I need his help to fix it . Meaning, I will stand by and wait till he needs me to set blocks under the mower. Then I will stand by while he slowly cuts the wire…Cussing the whole time. Not me. He knows better than that. If not for me mowing, he’d have to .
I got another piece stuck a few months ago.
There is buried wire and junk all over here.
I still need to mow the bunkhouse and RV site and the


Storm Clouds Around 6 PM
I knew I was going to fix stuffed peppers for supper tonight. SO WHY didn’t I put them on BEFORE 5PM? Oh Well, Danny will be home around the time they are done. I will get to eat while he watches. He won’t eat till he goes to bed. PLUS, he won’t eat the peppers anyway. He is having Chicken and Rice.

entrance in and out of Rolling Meadows Ranch.
But, at least I don’t have to do it now.
It’s almost 7PM . Where has the time gone?
I have so much I want to do yet before Danny gets home and get’s my “almost” undivided attention. Mr Bojangles will still want his.
As you can tell, nothing special has been happening here in Our Neck Of The Woods
Have a wonderful evening .
P. S. I decided to add a few extra notes , comments and pictures.  Since I am not getting anything else done.


What I am Drinking.

OOPS. I already had one.
OOPS. I already had one.

I unhooked the antenna from the NEW TV and my Almost NEW DESK TOP.
Danny STILL had NOT GROUNDED it. Last year, lightening struck our TOWER and took out AN ALMOST NEW TV and a FAIRLY NEW DESK TOP. MINE.
I wasn’t about to let that happen again.
I need to get off. I am rambling about NOTHING IMPORTANT. LOL. Good Night. At least for now


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