Not Feeling Well SO Not Writing Much

Sorry I haven’t added anything of my own in a while. Just laid low with lupus stuff and body pains from the fibro. It’s been a bit rainy which makes the bones ache even more than they normally do.
For those of you who don’t know what lupus is and what is can do: For me right now it feels like I have the FLU. Body aches. Nausea. Headachy. I even run a temperature.
Add hot flashes, hot weather, humidity and I am a mess.
It’s hard to force myself to do anything. The dizziness comes on so quickly.
So I rest when I can. My mind is active which makes sleep hard to come by.
I either lie on the sofa or sit in my recliner. Thank God for lap tops.
It goes where I go.
I am catching up with my emails. I keep adding more and more blogs every day. SO I am reading THEM. I just can’t post on very many.
So I’ve been sharing posts and things I like.
After,all, that is what Sarah’s Attic Of Treasure’s Is all about.
I haven’t been posting many pictures from Our Neck Of The Woods. When I do , they are pictures from the yard.
I haven’t done much.
I do have new pictures taken this past week at Lake Kissimmee State Park. Nothing going on. Not for me anyway.
Tuesday, I did get out for a bit. Danny needed me to go to the shop here on RMR. While I did that, I did what I do best.
Take pictures.
Mainly of the cows and the drive there and back.
I pray all of you are finally enjoying a bit of SUMMER.
Enjoy. Be safe.
Hugs Sarah

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Feel better soon! <3

    1. I went to bed and slept (for the most part) until Danny got up around 9. I laid in bed dozing for another hour and a half.
      I am exhausted. I really hate this. There is so much I want to do….Usually easy things but right now are hard for me….Plus there are all the things I need to do that aren’t getting done.
      How are you today?
      Any plans for the weekend?

      1. I’m tanking..started off stabby-anxious-then just pissy. Then I got happy with the guest blog posted 🙂 Now..I’m just..sad, comes the void/black hole. I need to do laundry myself, but I really just wanna cry and crawl into bed and sleep. I hate it. I know exactly what you mean. Is it the Lupus making it difficult to get things done?

        1. Lupus Plus being Depressed. I can usually fight the lupus more. If I am working on a project or doing something I like or am helping someone: I WILL FORCE myself to get things done.
          Now: There is no deadline to get anything done. No one really except Danny to see what gets done and he seldom notices when I DO GET THEM DONE.
          He’s not been SUPPORTIVE and it HURTS.
          I understand wanting to cry or crawl into bed and sleep.
          Today before Danny went to work I actually YELLED/ Cried at him outside.
          I was crying because he was treating me like a baby after I asked for help with something.
          Then he walked away and I yelled at him while I was crying.
          I sounded pathetic.
          What was frustrating was: I asked him to do something I SHOULD have known how to do: Brain fog: I wasn’t thinking clearly.
          He doesn’t understand it when I get like that. He doesn’t seem to realize that I can’t help it.
          I am tried of TRYING. So tired of Brain Fog and being sick to my stomach. Tired of being hot.
          Tired of Complaining yet I can’t stop . Not here anyway. So Thank you for listening.

          1. I totally get the frustration and brain fog and a loved one just not getting it. Tired of being tired, tired of feeling crappy and not on purpose. You and me can go to our own cabin on an island where there’s zero humidity and lots of interesting stuff to see. {HUGS}

            1. I am ready to go anywhere as long as it is out of OUR NECK OF THE WOODS. Preferably OUT OF FLORIDA.
              Danny is almost moodier than I am and he doesn’t seem to realize it. He doesn’t apologize. I get tired of being the “Whipping Boy” so to speak.
              We haven’t had a vacation (A get away from home DO SOMETHING VACATION) in 7 years.
              Danny takes off every once in awhile on his 3 day work week. Then he has a week off. He starts one Monday. He’s on a 7 day week right now.
              Yet, we don’t go any where except to do the few errands we have and doctor appointments.
              Nothing special.
              He won’t save for one. He won’t save period. He doesn’t blow money either.
              Yet, as broke as we are …..we could save a little every month and go somewhere. Even if it is for the weekend at a cheap motel.
              We can also get in free at any Florida State Park. Yet, we do nothing.
              When you live were you work you never get any real down time.
              Sorry, I am just dreading this coming week off of his…..
              I love him yet, I want to strangle him .
              Is your family doing anything special this summer?
              You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

              1. Oh you poor woman! HUGS HUGS HUGS! I would LOVE to go to the Everglades! I know what you mean all the way around.
                No we are t doing anything since I will be having shoulder surgery SOMETIME. My parents are going to Knoxville July 4 weekend to spend with family.
                Sounds like might have to just tell Danny I planned x and we are going on y. Some guys just don’t get it God love them

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