My Ramblings : Why I Put Up With My Lap Top And Didn’t Use My Desk Top When I Needed To.

The posts today should have taken me no time at all to do. The internet was slightly faster than snail pace….. Not quite that bad but pretty darn slow.
It was, still, noticeably faster for awhile. Go Figure.
Yet, My laptop went berserk. My fault because I should have taken care of the issues before I started posting today. Every few minutes it would lock up…at least the pages would lock up.  It’s been doing this for a week now. Getting worse each day.
I could do a few other things but nothing I wanted or needed to do.
I told myself…as soon as I posted this ONE last post I would do a Restore on it.
I was putting it off because I will have to reinstall Norton and all of it’s UPDATES and all of the other updates installed the last month.
We all know what I am talking about. When computers work, and the internet works ….everything is hunkey dorey.
I like my desk top except for where it is located.
In the Living Room.
Where I really can’t see much outside and the walls are still bare and WHITE.
Issues with Danny there.
The desktop is  hooked to the TV and we watch movies off the server .  At least I watch them. Danny use to but hasn’t watched one in here since Christmas Eve.
So why is the TV and the desk top STILL in the living room and not in the enclosed porch where I want it? In case Danny wants to watch a movie . His Recliner is in the living room…
I could go on but you get the picture.
Anyway, the issues with the laptop COULD have been avoided sooner if I hadn’t been wanting to sit in the porch so I could look out  the windows all day.
SO It was ALL my fault.
This desk top WORKS so much better than the lap top overall. WHY? It has Windows 7 ….Not Windows 8.1. It’s got more RAM . More everything.

I am rambling .About nothing important…Just a NORMAL chain of events for me.

My View From the Porch
My View From the Porch
My View From The Porch
My View From The Porch
My View from the living room AND the Porch.
This is where my laptop and the TV are.
This is where my laptop and the TV are.
Same view. Just further away. The porch is just to the right.
My Old Internet Explorer GATEWAY Computer that Still works better than my newer laptop. I just can’t get some programs. But then my newer one doesn’t have A LOT MORE THINGS. LIKE OFFICE.

The above picture is from the den. I sit there a lot with my newer laptop and use both computers.  The French Doors are to the left.

You can clearly see part of the porch from here. The porch has 4 large windows. You can also see BARE WHITE WALLS.
This WAS One of those OOPS MOMENTS. While I was ranting about the TV And Danny not watching the MOVIES….. I FORGOT NASCAR. OOPPPSSSS.
YES, WE watch NASCAR. I forgot that while RAMBLING.

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