Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Favorite Posts : That I Have Seen In The Last Few Days. June 10, 2015

WOW. BEEP BEEP BOOP Worked right away.
Now on with the post. Here come the reposts.
Since I NEED ALL the help I can get here is a favorite Blog and Post.
Karissa From A Fresh Start.   This was her Question  on one Post.

Are you a started or a finisher?
I am a Starter. I make Great Lists:
In my head: On PAPER
Just not on here yet. I am working on that.
It’s been hard not to blame everything on my NOT feeling good lately. It’s true. I don’t. Even not I feel like I am getting over the flu. Headachy. Feverish. Body aches and pains.
Then there’s the depression.
The hot flashes.
ALL Normal for me.
I can also over come most of that.
The heat and humidity….
OK : That is it in a nutshell.
If It was COOL outside and COOLER inside: I would FEEL A LOT BETTER. Mentally and physically. I can force myself to get thing done.
Fresh AIR does wonders for me.
Getting things Done

Be More Productive Today Than  Yesterday
I already have been.
Changed sheets on the bed.
I haven’t made it yet. We have no bed frame so it is not easy for me to do. I will get it done…Before BED TIME.
Went for a walk. Granted a short one.
Cleaned the rabbit’s cage.
I almost forgot to add the link for this page.
From Sarah: I also added a link to their Blogging tips and tricks.

20 top tips for being a better blogger Can you tell I really like this Blog?
My next Blog Is One I haven’t mentioned here yet and I really should have. Carol personalizes the original message…….Well it’s done for her ….but you know what I mean.
Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Asian On Line Recipes
Stuffed Peppers.
From Sarah:
I love Stuffed peppers anyway I can get them.
This recipe is totally different in the stuffing.  The following is an excerpt from the post:
“Stuffing vegetables is a cooking method used for special occasions. These stuffed peppers (capsicums) are simmered in a coconut-flavored sauce. The capsicums should be the small variety. Red or yellow ones can also be used. ”
Check it out.
Another post from her is this one.:
Mock Duck Recipe:

Mock Duck Recipe

Mock Duck Recipe

From Sarah: Not long ago. Within the last week sometime, She had a couple of Duck recipes.
I am on to the NEXT BLOG AND POST: Another Blog I haven’t introduced here.
Donten Photography
It is a PHOTO Blog. 

“The tourism of Central Florida changed forever in October 1971 when Walt Disney opened Magic Kingdom and the Walt Disney World empire was born.  A gallery of history of the theme park and its effect on the region can be seen at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando.  (Photo: July 9, 2013) ”
Photo Of The Day : WDW FLASHBACK
From Sarah:
Here’s a post from May 25Th,
South Lido Kayak Trip. Sarasoda,  Florida.
Not quite in OUR NECK OF THE WOODS But still in Florida.

June 7TH  Starfish

 You see why I love this photo blog?

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. It is getting hotter here too in Houston. Florida holds many happy memories for me and my family. Our last Florida trip was at Clearwater. We’re planning again to revisit this year. We’re planning to visit Pensacola too with a friend and their family. I’m hoping to create as much fun childhood memories with my son for as long as I can. God bless.

    1. Island Traveler,
      It’s afternoon and I usually start to feel better then. Lupus in my case usually makes me sicker in the mornings.
      I am feeling better over all…..At the moment.
      I have only been to Pensacola once and it is beautiful there. I dearly love Clearwater Beach but HATE the drive there and back. The water is so clear. Hence of course it’s name. LOL. If you are ever in Our area let me know. Lake Kissimmee State Park is a beautiful place…..:)

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