I had XP on my old laptop. Still using it. for a number of things. I have Windows 8.1 on this cheap laptop Danny found to save my old one . It (My old one) has everything on it. All the programs like Office…etc. you don’t get free with WINDOWS 8. I have Windows 7 on the desk top.
I loved XP. It took me a long time to get use to 7 but I liked it when I did.
Windows 8 is impossible. Period. Marilyn, You were right back then.

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  1. It took me forever to learn 7. I’d loved XP. Still do. Simple sometimes is BETTER.
    Now adays, they offer MORE STUFF that we all call junk and don’t include Media Center and lot’s of other programs that use to be included when you bought a computer.
    I will probably add 10 to this desk top sometime this year. AFTER I know it works on my newer laptop. I will be adding it there as soon as I can. I have had trouble with windows 8 from the start. But it was CHEAP and I wanted to make sure I had a working computer since my Gateway was, at that time, 8 years old.
    Still amazing how I ended up with 3 computers.
    My desk top is a rebuilt one . Costing under$ 100.00.
    Works better than most computers do new.
    As for Bobby,
    It is impossible and it should be. This year was harder because of mom’s death. We were close.
    May is over and that is my hardest month.
    I will always grieve….
    I just go on as best I can.
    Some of my BEST MOMENTS have been with Danny here in Florida. So I can be ha[[y. I have been happy. I will get there again.
    Hugs, to you Marilyn

  2. Thanks for the reblog. I have some hope that Windows 10 will finally be a good — not merely adequate — operating system. Mind you, I’m not unhappy with Windows 7, but I was very careful to not get anywhere NEAR it. You can still buy Windows 7 on amazon and other places, so until I’m sure that the new system works well and isn’t full of bugs, I’m sticking with something I know for sure works.

    I’m sorry about your son. That much be hard to get past. Very hard. I can’t even imagine how hard.

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