Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily Post Newspaper From June 11, 2015.
From Sarah:
I took some time to actually read a good part of this BEFORE I posted it.
If you are a Cub’s Fan there are a couple of things posted about them.

Any body out there have BASEBALL fever?
Danny and I watch as many of NASCAR races as we can. We miss a lot because he works every other weekend and can’t get home in time to watch them all. Or they are on CABLE and that leaves us out…..UNLESS we leave the comfort of our home and go to the BAR down the road and across from where we work.  It’s always LOUD there and most of the time the jukebox is playing . So we haven’t been going as often.
I, for one MISS Baseball and the CUBS.
I will watch them when I can , which IS NOT very often.
There is a recipe about : How to make all natural BBQ sauce from scratch.
Food 52.
I tried to post a pic but I couldn’t. Oh Well, you can just go and take a look yourself.
Another article in the paper is this one:
By Victoria Doughterty Called Flat Out Love you may like.
Adding some photos you might enjoy:

Shared By Amie Wimbus  in the photo section.
Shared by Kim Severson:Shared In Leisure :Tara Nolan Posted the Following
: Eat Drink
and Be Skinny. healthy salad cover
From Sarah: I have been following Tara for a few years now.

Still Life with Meat and the Holy Family - Pieter Aertsen (circa 1508–1575)
How Much Meat Did Medieval People Eat? Shared By Hunter S Jones.
This is only a sample of what you will find in Sarah’s Attic Of Treasure Daily Post .
Enjoy, Sarah

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