Sharing From One Of My Favorite and Best Loved Blogs : Moore Or Less Cooking By Nettie Moore.

30 Amazing Appetizers That Will Rock Your Party!

From Sarah:
Nettie Moore and her Blog have been a favorite of mine for years. She was one of the first people I actually call  a friend in the blogging world.
No, I  don’t know  her. We don’t call each other.
Yet, she is a friend to all of the people who really follow her.
Nettie tries to answer all of her messages or at least she seems to answer  most of mine.
The post I saw today was :
30 Amazing Appetizers That Will Rock Your Party:
Bacon Wrapped Dates Shared From
Chindeep…….Another Favorite Blog.  Melissa Is another Friend in the Blogging World. I will Show Case her ASAP.

Check out Nettie’s Blog and Facebook Page if you haven’t already.

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