Debbie Reynold’s at Oh So Shabby Debbie Reynolds Is My All Time Favorite Blog/ Page From Facebook

From Sarah:
OK, Maybe I shouldn’t say “ALL TIME” Favorite because I have many favorites. Some I even go to more often.
When I think of a blog or page that has a bit of every thing, Debbie’s is the one that comes to mind.
She is also one of the most “OUT THERE” Bloggers I know and is always ready to comment or help.
Debbie’s posts are upbeat and country and full of life.

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Welcome To The Country :

From Sarah:
I am a country girl. I always have been and always will be. I grew up in the country.
When Bobby and I first moved to Colorado Springs we lived on the outskirts of the city. To the West of us was Cheyenne Mountain and the house build on the hill there. Towards the EAST was Prairie.
It grew and we ended up living in town , yet, still close to the country

I just love these pictures:
Who wouldn’t want a little place like this?
Secluded from everything.

Check Out her Recipes posted everywhere. Some are hers and some are borrowed.

Blueberry Slump From Saveur Magazine:×600.jpg?itok=HNgDr6Du:

A Photo Quote:

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
And so much more at:

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