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10 Ways to Never Get Published

10 Ways To Never Get Published
From Writer’s Digest : Written By Chuck Sambuchino


How To Use Hash tags.

From Sarah: I have never used Hash tags. SO I need to read this.
The following WAS COPIED AND PASTED from the article:

“HootSuite Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google +

Hashtags are such a prominent part of tech culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. In fact, the hashtag is so recognized that it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010, and the Scrabble Dictionary earlier this year (#standards). Yet even as most people have come to know what they are, many people still don’t understand how to use hashtags. ”

From Sarah: At least I know what they are.

I have only recently joined Instagram. I haven’t added anything there yet.
And there are a few more sites everyone else uses and I am just now using.
Twitter: I joined years ago when I joined Facebook. I never did anything with it. I added every once in a awhile. A few times a year.
I am using it now.

8 Ways To Get Likes On Instagram:×250.jpg

From Sarah:
That is all I have had time to read so far:
Most of you already know everything here….But MAYBE there are a few of you out there who like me, are a bit behind…….
That’s it for now on the paper.
I will read more later. Have a wonderful evening.

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