Assortment: On Living Well (Share Their Dreams )

From Sarah: I don’t know why I couldn’t get any of the pictures to show.
I almost deleted this post but I liked it too much to do that. It is worth looking at.
Front Porches and Country Life.

From Sarah:
A Little Bit Better
is the title of the first post here.
Shared By Assortment : On Living Well.
In it is another story about porches and dreams.

Is there anyone out there that does not like a cute dog picture?

From Sarah: The following was COPIED AND PASTED From Assortment: On Living Well.

“Oh, the hill-billy porch. I surround it with some love & blooms, in hopes its whacked-together self won’t look quite so junk-yard fashion. (Don’t know about the hill-billy porch? Backstory here.) There are plans in the works for something different to lead us to the front door, but it looks like July will be the month for that, not June as I had hoped (when good workers are in high demand, you have to wait your turn). So on we go. I mass pots around the weathered steps and plant flowers, because we all know that pots with flowers make anything look better. – See more at:”

The Above was COPIED AND PASTED By Assortment: On Living Well.

From Sarah: Added to this story is the one first told about “The Hill-Billy Porch”.
I love this one the most.
An Exterior Peek- Front Porches and Dreams
On A Snowy Sunday An Exterior Peek & Front Porch Dreams –
See more at:

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