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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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From Sarah:
There are a lot of interesting articles in here tonight.
I don’t keep up with what is going on in the world like I should. Like I use to. Sadly, I just don’t want to know too much. I have enough problems dealing with “Our World”. My world.
Summer is not even officially here yet, and I am doing my best TO survive the coming months.
Bobby and I (My son) would talk for hours about politics, the world, The US. Everything.
Danny and I started off doing it.
Then Bobby died and I couldn’t care about everyone else. Not like I did.
Don’t get me wrong……In many ways, now, It CARE more about people. I just can’t handle ALL the NEWS from Around the World. The same news from our country.
I must know enough…because I can still carry on a conversation with Danny about most things.
He knows all the details. All the names. ETC. I know enough about the issues. Who they are…. We can still talk about them when he needs me to.
Come election time: I will know the issues….The Men and women running for office.
I am not sure what brought all of this out except I found myself reading a few ISSUES in here lately. One just tonight.
I realized, I Do know more than I thought. Often, more than I want to.
I won’t be posting any of those. I don’t plan to EVER get political here.

Anyway, On with some of the MORE Interesting articles.

From Chow.Com
12 Great Reasons To Plug In Your Slow Cooker This Summer


From Sarah:
I have always used my slow cooker or crock pot as I call it. A lot. My mom gave me my first one back in the early 80’s.
I started using it 3 and 4 times a week when Danny and I lived in Our RV. (5 years). We were both gone for 10 or so hours a day. I’d be in and out since the RV was at the park we both worked at (for the first 2 years).
It just made things easier. It didn’t take up much space. One dish meals make cleanup easier.

Hoot Suite: The Do’s And Don’t Of Social Media Pictures :

Turkey: Most of us love turkey.

Beef 2 Live : Fun Facts About Turkeys Part 3
The Thanksgiving Turkey

From Sarah: The following was COPIED AND PASTED From Beef 2 Live:

“Since 1947, the National Turkey Federation has presented a live turkey and two dressed turkeys to the President. The President does not eat the live turkey. He “pardons”it and allows it to live out its days on a historical farm.

The National Thanksgiving Turkey has been the Grand Marshall in the Thanksgiving Day Parade at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World in Florida for the past four years.” COPIED AND PASTED
Part One .
From Sarah: The Following was COPIED AND PASTED: From Beef 2 Live.
“Ben Franklin, in a letter to his daughter, proposed the turkey as the official United States bird.”
There are lot’s more facts listed here.

Part 2:
From Sarah: The Following was Copied And Pasted From Beef 2 Live:

“The turkey was domesticated in Mexico and brought to Europe in the 16th century.

Tom turkeys have beards. That is comprised of black, hair-like feathers on their breast.

Canadians consumed 142 million kgs of turkey in the year 2012.

Turkeys can see movement almost 100 yards away.

Turkeys lived almost ten million years ago.

Baby turkeys are called poults and are tan and brown.”
The above was COPIED AND PASTED From Beef 2 Live.

From Sarah: John Carroll, Editor of the LA TIMES. Died: RIP John Carroll.×422

From Sarah: I have always been fascinated by the History of The Texas Rangers: The Modern Texas Ranger And How To Become One.
From Kerrian’s Notebook.×220.jpg

From Sarah: There is so much more in this edition of the paper. All the FOOD Stories for one.
Have a good night.

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    From last year. I made lots of comments.

  2. I love Brisket…I love smoked meat..OOOPS almost put me LOLOL

      1. I was kinda of bored yesterday. Today I have to do laundry and go to the grocery…but I’m not motivated. I want to sleep…I guess all those months of black out sleeping has finally caught up to me. I need coffee lol

        1. I have never liked the smell of coffee, It is one of the few things I can’t stand. The smell is nauseating to me.
          So Guess who makes Danny’s coffee and empties and cleans the pot? I am not sure how that happened, but somehow, I have always made it.
          He had to teach me how to make it when we first got together.
          I am a chai latte or tea drinker…..Diet Pepsi is good any time. LOL.
          I would imagine it will take while for your body to recover from being so messed up.
          Still you sound better.
          I am never motivated not that it is so hot and humid outside. Even here in the house, where it is cooler. Especially here in the house. I hate housework.
          I like working outside. Love it. In the cooler months I usually get motivated to do what needs to be done. This Spring I spent 2 months cutting back most of the palmetto bushes in our yard, at the bunkhouse and the road coming in. I really don’t like them. If there were a few here and there…I’d be ok with them. I liked the few Danny had in his yard at his house.
          Here, they are everywhere.
          I never use to get bored. Or restless. I’d go read or write or take a walk.
          Now I am bored and restless all the time.
          Danny finally brought me a washing machine after not having one for YEARS. I did them by hand here most of the time or went over to the bunkhouse and did them there.
          The bunkhouse and my doing laundry there became a PERSONAL ISSUE WITH ME 2 years ago and I just stopped using it except for 3 or 4 times a year …Just to get things really clean…
          You know what: I still have trouble getting laundry done. I hate folding and putting things away. LOL
          We did our big grocery shopping this past week when Danny was off.
          He is back to working days again. Morning came way too early today.

          1. I loved the smell of coffee from a small girl. I remember helping my mom make it on a old percolator coffee pot. how did you end up making the coffee and cleaning the pot if you affects you that way? Interesting. I love my southern sweet tea. I like it STOUT! I don’t want to see through it lol Not a fan of chai..the smell is weird to me lol HAHA Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi here LOL
            Yes I do feel better, but my brain and body are just exhausted. The recovery is going to take awhile, for sure. I don’t mind the heat or humidity if I’m motivated, but Im sure the Lupus and your depression just does not help 🙁 Sometimes I find housework cathartic. I LOVE to do laundry-I know, I’m a weirdo. It’s my thing. I’ve never really been interested in outside work unless I’m manic, but I’ve found that gardening is calming. Now if I can learn to keep things alive LOL I had to google palmetto bushes to see what they look like. Looks like a palm tree and a Yucca plant had babies. Interesting! WHOA NO WASHING MACHINE?! Oh I would have put my foot down long ago…how you did your laundry by hand or at the bunk house I commend you for that.
            How far do you have to travel to the store? Do you help when he’s working or do you just stay at the house? I think it’s so cool and interesting where you live. GAWD I wanna go back to Florida. I miss it so. 48 hours and I’m a convert!

            1. As to the coffee making: I do that about this time of night or later when I feel my best. I almost always feel better at night.
              I can be really sick all day, but at night I usually feel better.
              I get as much done at night as I can. His lunches. It’s when I do all the little daily chores. Usually the dishes…When I DO them.
              In the mornings I hurry up and get his lunch in his lunch box. If I am really not feeling good and the SMELL really gets to me.
              He gets his lunch ready and I sit in the Den.
              He always rinses out the coffee pot. Or at least 99 percent of the time. He seldom empties the coffee grounds. Why, I don’t know.
              He’s offered to make it but I would rather have it made BEFORE I walk into the kitchen than have to smell it making when I am in there.
              You described the palmetto bush very well.
              We just never really had the extra money for a washing machine.
              Too be honest, Danny really didn’t know how little I was using the machine at the bunkhouse. Like I said, It became an ISSUE with me and someone at the park……And I got stubborn about it.
              I could have been using it all the time.
              Danny caught me doing his work clothes by hand one day. He came home from the park to work over at Rolling Meadows. He stopped to change clothes and to see if I wanted to work with him.
              He bought the machine shortly thereafter. We have an old dryer.
              I wish I like to clean house. I use to do my heavy cleaning in the middle of the night when I lived in Colorado.
              It got done then.
              Now, the heavy cleaning never really gets done before I have to start over.
              I just can’t do much.
              Danny and I worked non-stop together (Almost) the first 4 years here. Then I gradually slowed down. I had to. I also got tired of being taken for granted. Not by Danny but by the other staff. I was free labor.
              I miss working with him. He misses it also.
              Things are a Not the greatest right now at work, so I just stay home most of the time. Plus, I haven’t been well a lot the last 2 years.
              Working with him and by myself at the park kept the depression, loneliness, grief etc at bay. Sitting at home is not good for me.
              I have been become too much of a hermit. Seriously. It is hard for me to be around everyone now.
              I also have learned: I hold grudges more than I ever thought I could.
              I feel out of place now.
              You get me rambling…..
              It’s almost 10 PM. I need to get off and get some things done. Hugs.

              1. I like my tea on the weak side at home but have learned to enjoy it at a restaurant if I have them bring me a glass of UNsweeted Tea, lot’s of lemons or limes and a glass of water. I keep adding the water to it. I really , really hate strong tea and sugary tea.
                I don’t always have sugar in the house.
                Thank Goodness Danny doesn’t like his with sugar either. But he can’t stand it with lemons or limes and he likes it STOUT as well.
                So We have 2 pitchers of iced tea in the frig at all times.

              2. Oh, ok now I understand better about how you feel during the day. Do what you can, when you feel the best. Makes sense 🙂
                My mom has always had Yucca plants and I think they are beautiful. The palmetto bush looks beautiful too, but maybe a bit of a pain in the ass to care for??
                Oh I do know about having issues and holding grudges…I’ma Scorpio so I won’t forget when I’ve been wronged. Hehehe I think it’s very sweet he bought the washer, and a dryer is a dryer as long as it dries, right? 🙂
                Do you have insomnia, or is it just when you feel the best at night?
                Ugh, people can be such assholes. And work issues make things worse when you already don’t feel good physically. I can see why you would want to leave Florida to feel better.
                Grief is a funny thing…kinda like love. It has it’s own time table. Pain in the ass one at that ha ha. Have you tried going to an adult child loss group? It might be something to look into. I’m sure they are small so you won’t feel overwhelmed and you can talk to people that really understand. Just a thought.
                Hope you are being productive. I’m going to do a 100 Random Question post…I found a good one-and it’s a bit more on the honest than superficial side. Hugs and love to you. Really wish I could give you a good squeeze <3

                1. I would love the squeeze. I go for weeks sometimes without being touched like that….Hugs, kisses, (a small peck on the cheek before Danny leaves and when he gets home doesn’t count.) I can initiate but I am often disappointed. Danny and I cuddle at night. Now as much now…..I am partly to blame any more. I just close up sometimes due to lack of it. I don’t ask for Danny to roll over and cuddle at night. He will often reach out when he’s sleeping….Sadly. I almost hate it anymore because I need it during the DAYTIME. I haven’t tried to kiss him for a while either.
                  I knew early on he was uncomfortable holding hands. (We do at night. Almost all the time.
                  Danny just doesn’t do it much and I hate asking anymore.
                  I’ve had insomnia since I was little. More so NOW. I have always been a late night person.
                  As far as getting sick in the mornings. I never was sick as a child, except for allergies and the normal childhood diseases and illness’ we all got. I missed little or no school days every year.
                  I found out I was allergic to the sun when I was a teenager. No serious problems of any kind till I got pregnant with Bobby.
                  Long story there. I almost died. Bob was a twin. I miscarried the twin at 5 months. Bobby was my Miracle Child.
                  I have got sick or felt like I was going to get sick , almost every morning since he was little.
                  Chronic Morning sickness is what it feels like.
                  I use to start feeling better by 10 or 11. The last few years I often feel sick most of the afternoon.
                  Not every day. I just do what I need to do when I need to do it.
                  We have an employee who has made work HELL. That’s as far as I can go with it here.
                  Palmettos require little care.
                  We just have them all over the place. They were so thick in the yard in places I couldn’t see out to the pastures. So I butchered most of them. As in really trimming them back. They have torn holes in my jeans.
                  At the PARK they are thousands and thousand of them. Millions. No joke.
                  Sass, thanks for understanding about Bobby. I haven’t talked about him much in awhile. All of a sudden I’ve needed/wanted to.
                  Most of the time: My grief is contained. On the surface but not where anyone sees it all the time. Unless you really know ne. My eyes and my smile say everything.
                  There is a picture that was taken of me a couple of years ago.
                  A good picture of me. I was happy. Danny and I were happy and working together that day. Yet, this friend saw what few people ever notice. My eyes weren’t happy. I can’t explain it…But she call and asked if I was ok.
                  You are right. Grief is a strange thing. Very much like love. Some days, out of the blue I am just SAD. When it just hits and doesn’t go away. Most days I feel good about the past and I cherish the memories.
                  Thinking of Bobby Makes me happy. Not sad.
                  More productive than I was a few weeks ago.
                  Never went to a group but did the same with my Angel Mom’s And Dad’s on FB. It was what I needed for a long time. I was able to help others as well. Till it got to be too much. Too sad. Too many people dying.
                  I need some positive things in my life.
                  There is a lady I am getting to know here on the blog. She just lost her son a couple of months ago. I can help her.
                  We can also talk about other things.
                  I hate to say it but Some moms and dad’s don’t want to be happy. They would rather be miserable because their child died. I have trouble with that. Miserable for ever. 20 -30 etc years afterwards.
                  Danny and I have been HAPPY. Capital letters Happy. Even those first few months of Hell.
                  Bobby would want me to be happy. To Celebrate his life.
                  So I try to.
                  The 100 Random questions sounds good.
                  Love you lot’s. Hugs.

                  1. You feel free to email me ANYTIME, ok?
                    I know exactly what you mean about the sad/empty eyes. EXACTLY. I can’t say I know from the loss of a child, but I do know from my Bipolar side. I think I’m finally ready for bed, so I will answer this in longer form tomorrow. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!

                    1. Thanks for the email. There is a lot I’ve wanted to say about WORK that I can’t say here.
                      You try to understand just lie I try to understand what you go through. I can’t begin to imagine or understand it. Not really.
                      As a mom you already know how you would feel if something happened to any of your kids.
                      You may not now everything but you KNOW ENOUGH. Get some sleep.
                      I am wide awake and feeling too good to sleep. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. The final post kept showing On the title :
    2015arah. :
    I kept taking off the arah and it kept showing up. I checked it once again just now and it seems good. If it still shows up…I really did try too delete it. Sarah

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