Monday, June 15, 2015 : Back To Normal Here Once Again.

What does NORMAL for us mean?
Danny went back to the Early Field Shift this morning. He’d had his normal week of Late Field , plus most of a second week of it and then he was off this past week. So we got to sleep in and stay up really late. Into the wee hours of the morning sometimes. So when his alarm went off at 6 AM it meant that I had to get up and get him off.
I went to bed around 2 AM. Danny was up until almost 4 AM.  He made enough noise when he came to bed that I had trouble going back to sleep. I don’t sleep well over all anyway.
His shift is 7 AM till 3:30 PM. He gets home around 3:45 if he is on time leaving.
He has iced tea to cool down.
Sometime around 5 we have wine and snacks. Or he has wine and snacks.
I like to drink a glass or 2 but the last few months the wine has made my hot flashes worse. I get hot all over right after drinking my first glass.
It never use to do this.
I try to have chips and dips (home made dips) and or finger foods….. Veggies as well. We both like the veggies and I don’t need the chips.
More and more, I am eating my supper then, instead of the snacks.
Danny will eat right before he goes to bed. No matter when that is.
It was and still is hard for me eating by myself. I grew up in a family THAT ATE TOGETHER.
I raised Bobby the same way.
Anyway, thing are back to normal here.
I got motivated and mowed part of the yard. It should have been done last week already.
Then I got laundry caught up….Well, washed and dried…I still have to fold most of it. Putting it away….??????
Spent time on the computer with park work for Danny.
Just now getting on for “ME”.
Danny laid down and fell asleep.
Yep, it may be awhile before we /he adjusts to early mornings again.
I can usually go back to bed after he leaves.
I’ve rambled enough here.
Not much goes on this time of year.
Have a good evening…
Hugs ,

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