Today in Our Neck Of The Woods- June 16, 2015

I am so tired but for once it is a good tired. Good because I am tired from DOING something, physical.
Yesterday I wrote how Danny and I were getting back to NORMAL .
(Normal for us anyway- we will NEVER be considered normal to MOST people we know- we actually like each other and spend hours a day with each other……even when we don’t get a chance to work together. We are hermits when we get behind our closed gates)
Back to early work days and early getting home…for Danny anyway. I spend most of my time right at home here on the ranch. That can mean anything. Home in the house, Home working in the yard or at the bunkhouse. Home mowing . Or working beyond the compound here.
Today, was a mixture of it all.
I was OUTSIDE for 5 hours. Much of that was on the lawn mower…..Then pulling weeds, mainly Caesar weeds. Watering. Taking care of the rabbit… cages.
I miss riding the tractor.
I got the mowing done elsewhere (meaning the outlying  areas and the back of the bunkhouse….Entrance and the drive in or out) in no time. Now I never get it all done.

Our Neck Of The Woods. Rolling Meadows Ranch
Our Neck Of The Woods. Rolling Meadows Ranch
Grass Got Mowed
Grass Got Mowed
Our Cracker house from as seen  the bunkhouse
Our Cracker house as seen from our dirt road.
The lane as seen going to the entrance and the front gate. A mile there and back.
The lane  going to the entrance and the front gate. A mile there and back.

We do live in a wonderful place that God Created. We are very fortunate to live here. Not many people ever see this piece of property.
We are ONLY caregivers. Hopefully sometime , in the NOT too Distant Future, we will be able to open sections of it to the public.
Horseback riding and hiking.
That’s it for this post.

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