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From Sarah :
I am using Google Chrome here for the first time posting in awhile and I can’t get the Start point over to the left like I am use to. Not sure what is going on. Internet Explorer just isn’t working well on my lap top. I am still having trouble with it. I would use the desk top but it hurts to sit like that right now.
So once again , please bare with me.

First article I saw in the paper tonight is one that brings back a lot of memories for me. Shania Twain.
She was Bobby’s Favorite Entertainer. We went to a couple of her concerts in Denver. One with his youngest cousin.
We had good times at both.
I just figured what was wrong with my settings. Under Add Media, One of those is highlighted. Not sure how that happened.
I actually lie the looks of this page this way.
Another thing I have been noticing for awhile now. Sometimes my k doesn’t show when I press it..Then it looks like the lie (like) in the I actually lik the looks sentence. I make enough mistakes of my won with out the keyboard making them for me.
Ok, Enough with the chit chat. On with the articles:
Winnipeg Free Press.  Posted by Erin Lebar. On June , 15, 2015

Even after 11-year stage absence, Twain still flawless
Shania Twain performs at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg on Monday, June 15, 2015.
From Sarah
The post on Shania was really what you’d expect. She still has what it takes.

My second post tonight is about Pizza.
This one features pineapple in it and I would HAVE to leave it out.
The pizza looked good though and I liked the recipe for the crust.

Pulled Pork Jalapeño Pineapple Pizza with Bacon and Cilantro :Brought to you by The Comfort Of Cooking

Pulled Pork Jalapeño Pineapple Pizza with Bacon and Cilantro

Pulled Pork Jalapeno Pineapple Pizza with Bacon and Cilantro – Gooey, cheesy pizza (plus dough recipe) that makes the perfect summer meal!

From Sarah: Just a really great looking pizza.
Leaving you with these 2 posts for tonight.
Have a good one.

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