Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily Post – From Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From Sarah:
Sorry this is late getting out. I don’t get it until 6 something at night and we are usually busy around then.
Danny and I have been having (Our Time)…..
It’s been a really good evening. Just wish I could move around a little bit better. really sore from the lawn mower.
More of the same tomorrow. And it is suppose to be 97 out so I NEED to get out there SOONER.
I haven’t had a chance to read any of it yet, so I will be reading as I post.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily Posts

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From Sarah:

The following was posted by a friend of mine in the blogging world. Rebecca Subbiah, RNA . From Chow and Chatter Blog and Facebook Page. I first saw her name and went from there. Then I saw that it was about Australia. I have been fascinate about that country since I was a little girl. So I knew I was going to read it right then and there.
The Headline reads as follows:
Smashed avo, anyone? Five Australian creations taking the world by storm

From Sarah: The title left me wondering. What is a  avo, anyway?
From Sarah:
From The Guardian: In a section called Food and Drink
The magazine is all about Australia. Life ,  Styles And Food

The classic flat white – started in Australia, and has taken over the world
From Sarah:
I have to admit: Being way out in the boonies and NOT being a coffee drinker I have never heard of a Flat White.
Do You know what a Flat White is?
Sounds Silly to me. First Impression.
It looks like a regular Cappuccino or a latte to me.
The following was COPIED AND PASTED from the article.

  Flat white

Australia’s favourite coffee is fast usurping the cappuccino and latte as the drink of choice at cafes around the world. You can now order a flat white at Fondation Cafe in Paris and Little Collins in New York. The abundance of flat whites is such that FastCompany has dubbed the flat white “the latest must-sip beverage”.
The above was COPIED AND PASTED .

From Sarah: I still wouldn’t know exactly  what is was.
I guess you will just have to check it out for  yourself.

Next Up:
I found 3 posts all dealing with BEER.  Three of them. There may be more that I didn’t see.
It’s Summertime and Beer and BBQ go together.
At least that what I think of.

Here are the 3. I am just going to post the links and titles.

1. From The Washington Post: Local Breweries Embrace The Combination of Beer and Yoga.
BEER AND YOGA….Ok, I have to comment on that one. Or laugh. I’ve already laughed.
Somehow I never thought of beer and yoga together.

Why Americans Like Light Beer. It’s not what the Washington Post thinks.
The Weekly Standard

8:01 AM, Jun 16, 2015 • By MICHAEL WARREN


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