Ally’s Kitchen: The Passing Of A Kitchen – From Sarah: Ally Shares Her Family (And One Very Special Aunt And Her Kitchen With Us)

From Sarah:
This a a very special post.
One I hope you will take the time and read. Family history. A special aunt and her kitchen.
Ally was given the best kind of gift after her aunt passed away.

The Title is The Passing Of A Kitchen.

the passing of a kitchen


The following Was COPIED AND PASTED :
“There is no death, not even in a kitchen—only the passing of history, culture,  lifestyle, memories and stories. I’m so honored to be the keeper of some of my Aunt Ruth’s ‘stuff’, which I’ll be sharing down the road in my cooking and photographs. Some of these keepsakes I’m sure I’ll be using regularly. It’ll be alongside the other kitchen ‘stuff’ passings from other strong and delicious women who have made me who I am today—my Mom, Mama Helen and Dr. Wellman. “
From Sarah:
I loved this post. I really did. One last addition. My favorite picture and the one that TELLS THE STORY THE BEST.

the passing of a kitchen

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  1. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:

    I first shared this post from Ally’s Kitchen (alice d’antoni phillips ) in 2015. You would think by now I would have learned the ins and outs of blogging and sharing things here. Well, that didn’t happen. I loved this post of her’s. I love the story and the memories it brings back for me. Enjoy.

  2. Sarah luv! Thank you for sharing w/your readers xoxo

    1. Ally, I really enjoyed the post. I love family stories. You are one lucky lady.

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