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From Sarah:
How is everyone this Saturday Evening?
It’s been thundering and lightening here for a couple  hours.
No rain.
Danny has one more day of his 7 day stretch.
I still have mowing to do.
It was 96 degrees today.

First Post:

How to Reconnect to Your Heart, Your Purpose, and More By Michael Hyatt.
Shared by

From Sarah:
You would think that Danny and I would go fishing since we  off of one of the best fishing lakes in the state.The country for that matter.
Early on, we went fishing almost every night. We would walk the short distance to the lake.
This was when we were living at The Harbor Fish Camp shortly before we moved to the park.
It is just down the road from us now.
I loved those nights.
Just getting outside , walking a bit. Watching the sun go down and fishing.
I enjoyed fishing. Mostly I enjoyed the beauty of it all.
Sadly, it’s been years since we did that or took his boat out.
The cost of gas and the upkeep of his boat made that hard to do.
Once we moved here to Rolling Meadows Ranch, We just stopped.
At first there was so much else to do.
Little by little we stopped doing a number of things.

Somehow Danny lost some of those “Little Joys” in Life.
Wish he /we could get them back.

The Psychology Of Selfies: Written By Courtney Seiter
Why We Love Taking Photos Of Faces.
psychology of selfies
From Buffersocial :
Thoughts on sharing, creating, analyzing and converting with social media. ( COPIED AND PASTED).
From Sarah:This post tells about the history of  selfies and why we take them.

 The following was copied and pasted.

“The science of face photos: Why we love looking at others

We notice faces first.”

The above was COPIED AND PASTED.
face photos stat
From Sarah:
I love to take pictures. I also enjoy taking a few of myself.
Yep, I take “Selfies”.
I started taking them because I was always taking photos and pictures for the park (And Myself) and I was never in any of them , unless there was a group picture. It was as if I never worked on the project.
In some ways , I still do that now.
It’s like says, “Hey, I am still here” Or “I did that”.

This post goes on to share much more.
It’s a GOOD READ. An important one as well.

Next Up: More Social Media.
Hootsuite: How To Us Instagram For Business.
By Evan LePage

From Sarah:
I’ve mentioned before that I finally set up an Instagram account. I have yet to do anything with it.
You May Laugh or chuckle.

  Now For the food section.
It’s Summertime.
Summer means watermelon  season.
From Food 52
Tap that Watermelon

Tap that Watermelon (& 9 Other Fun Ways to Serve Party Drinks)

From Sarah:
I had wanted to share another food post but it is getting late.
This post was started around 6 PM.
Danny kept interrupting me. (He wanted to show me things on the computer.) Then we ended up just talking.
“Our time and I like that.”

So Once again, Good night from Our Neck Of The Woods here in Florida.
Happy Father’s Day to all of you dad’s.

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