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Now off to post from today’s paper.
LOL to the following.
I couldn’t get “IT” to Save draft so I restarted this post and now everything seems to be working here….
Tagging now.
The Featured Image…..
Ok: Now I am OFF and Running. Here come the awesome articles for today. Grab your seats folks…..
(Trying for a little HUMOR

Posting from LONGREADS.
America’s Test Kitchen Founder On:
The Craft Of Cooking:
The following was COPIED AND PASTED :
An Interview with “America’s Test Kitchen” founder Christopher Kimball on how cooking is like woodworking, the business model behind “Cooks Illustrated,” and the awesome powers of baking soda and gelatin.
Photo: America's Test Kitchen
Jessica Gross | Longreads | June 2015 did the interview.
Issue No. 42 of 'Cook's Illustrated'Mushroom Bolognese; a recipe from "The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook"
 From Sarah: This showcases his life’s work. The changes he has seen and help make.
It a very interesting article.
A good read.

WordPress shared the following tips:
It’s a video so I couldn’t post anything else.
I saved it WITHOUT seeing it first.

New Video: How to Add Navigation Menu in

Next Up:
Twitter Tips.
I Twitter. That said I don’t do it well.
I added my self to too many people and blogs….so there is no way I can find the ones I really want…
I still look for New Twitter Friends….
I will never change.
Now the post in QUESTION:
When Is The Best time to Tweet?  I tweet more when I am reminded to. By seeing a post from them . Or when someone favors something I posted. I usually just go there then.
So When Is the Best time to TWEET? Read the post to find out.
Brought to you by Hootsuite.

3 Tips On How To Find The Best Times To Tweet BY KRISTINA CISNERO
The following was Copied and Pasted:
 “Kristina is Hootsuite’s Inbound Marketing Specialist. Each day she focuses on bringing small businesses valuable content on social media marketing.”

How to find the best time to tweet with SocialBro

From Sarah: Very Indepth.

Up Next:
From Our Mini FamilyOn

what social sharing is & why bloggers should care

Partners in this post.
From Sarah:
This post talks about getting your POSTS OUT THERE TO BE SEEN. How to MAKE THEM GO VIRAL.
Go tips.
I wanted to post more but the lights keep flickering.
It is finally raining outside.
Goodnight from Florida at least from here.

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