Taking A BREAK- A Short one- Not Reading My Emails Right Now.

I need a break from reading my emails.
I love reading about all of you.
I love catching up with your blogs.
Reading your posts as they come in.
Jut not today. Or at least right now.
Needing to visit and share some of my favorites….In DEPTH.
Don’t know how far I will get.
I am tired. Exhausted. Can’t sleep. Not even resting well.
And can’t seem to stay out of the bathroom.

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  1. It’s been quite here except for the distant thunder…no rain in sight…
    Danny is wiped from the heat and wishing he could take off tomorrow. I wish he would just do it.
    I just haven’t been able to rest or sleep. My legs and ankles HURT bad. I can’t sit for long either.
    I am hot even with the AC.
    I am hoping to go back to bed and SLEEP after Danny leaves for work in the morning.
    If I can stop thinking about everything I need to do.
    I’d ask how you are but I already know how you are. I am here…
    Even if I am not checking EMAILS as much.
    I will look every once in awhile.
    Gentle Hugs

  2. MeRaw says:

    Do hope you find some peace and quite to truly rest up.
    Take good care xxx

  3. Erica Herd says:

    Sorry, you’re not feeling well, Sarah.

    1. Thanks Erica…..I don’t know how to beat the heat because it is not going away anytime soon.
      I am staying upbeat…..well for me I am upbeat.
      I stay pretty positive for Danny.
      I don’t let him see how much I struggle to keep “It” All in. I want to scream sometimes.
      How are you doing? What is the weather like in your NECK OF THE WOODS?

      1. Erica Herd says:

        I’m doing okay. It’s in the 80s today, not humid–lovely day.

        1. Danny and I ended up having a good day. Lot’s of rest.
          We watched videos together. A good day.
          Glad you had a nice day.

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