Good Morning From Our Neck Of The Woods- Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It’s going to be an all nighter tonight.
It is 4:28 AM.
Danny’s alarm will go off at 6 AM.
What have I been doing ALL night while MOST of you have been sleeping?
WELL, I got motivated.
If it wasn’t for the fact that Danny is sleeping, I would already have vacuumed.
I’ve been wanting to redo a few things around here.
A lot of things need rearranged. Cleaned and straightened up.
So I started. I cleaned out the small bathroom vanity. Most of what was in there belong to Danny’s and he doesn’t use that bathroom except to PEE.
So I rearranged and took some things out. Threw others away. Now there is room for some towels and toilet paper.
I rearranged the top of the sink/vanity and cleaned it up a bit.
I have some more thoughts on what to add to that room.
I have a mess in the kitchen. I have a ton of books stored in there. I will post pictures SOON of what I am doing. Danny was suppose to build me some book shelves right after we moved in…almost 4 years ago.
I should have know it wouldn’t happen. So the books are going back in the den (My computer room/study) where they belong. Without the shelves.
This should help tidy up the kitchen counters where my cook books are. I wish I still had all the ones I had collected.
There is so much I am ready to do NOW that would make too much noise.
I just hope my motivation hangs on until after Danny leaves.
At some point, my body is going to realize it at least needs to lay flat.
I am feel better  (at this moment) than I have in a long while.
I am clear headed for one. Not quite as sore.
And relieved that no matter how much grass is still needing to be mowed….IT JUST ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN THIS WEEK.
We need a new BELT.
So GOOd Morning From Florida and Our Neck Of The Woods.
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
Smile and be happy.

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