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It is 11:19 PM as I am writing this. Hoping I get it posted BEFORE MIDNIGHT.
Danny And I were watching Jacques-Yves Cousteau videos.  One  was about grouper and their spawning habits.
On with the post for tonight.

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From Sarah:
First up and one I am very interested in is about the first astronauts and their wives.
Or Should I say that it is about the FOOD they fixed?The timing is perfect also. We don’t watch TV except for NASCAR when we can get it. I was delighted to see the a new TV series I just might enjoy.

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Jell-O Molds and Shrimp Trees: Behind the Insane Vintage Food of ABC’s “The Astronaut Wives Club”
JUNE 18, 2015 /


The Following was Copied and Pasted:
“ABC’s new miniseries “The Astronaut Wives Club,” is technically the story of the women behind America’s first astronauts, whose historic trips to space skyrocketed them—and their families—to national celebrity. But the show’s food—from technicolor Jell-O molds to bacon-wrapped oysters to a towering shrimp tree—plays just as much of a starring role as the women themselves.”

Jell-O Molds and Shrimp Trees: Behind the Insane Vintage Food of ABC's

From Sarah: It looks to me as if it is also about the WINE and other Drinks that might have been served.
The focal point is on the wives and their lives.
I got intrigued and looked up the link shown  sending us to the TV show.
On abc.comThursday Evenings.

You can watch the episode there as well. First shown Last week.
Beefaroni casserole decorated with cheese triangles, pimento olives, and bell pepper. Photo: Emily Marshall

From Sarah: How about a Shrimp Tree?
I would like that. Mum  Shrimp.
And Olives.
You almost don’t see the shrimp because of all the olives.

The food reminds me of the entertaining my grandma use to do.
I found another interesting bit of history about food.

From Sarah:
Do you love Angel food cake?
It’s one of the few cakes I really like. This article is about the angel food cake and the company in Illinois who made them and sold them……Then shipped them by mail all across the country.
This is a wonderful piece of history.

I usually do another article but am closing with just the two.
It is 12:04AM.
I would have made it before midnight if I wouldn’t have taken a quick break.
Have a great Thursday.

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