Sarah’s Attic of Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper- Friday, June 26, 2015

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Happy Friday!
Anyone doing the Happy Dance?
Danny is. He’s off this weekend and is ready for it.
Still hot but 0nly 94 verses over 98.
Doesn’t look like rain.
Yesterday, we had other 2 inches of rain.
Our yard and immediate area is good.
The park is dealing with flooding. Main park drive was under water in places this morning.
I wouldn’t want to go hiking, anywhere.
The camp ground has flooding right up to some of the campsites.
Happy Friday Evening to all. Enjoy your weekend.

Now on to the paper.

I started this shortly after 6 PM.
Got really tired and went to lay down….Then Danny and I have been talking.
I still have 2 plus hours to get this in before MIDNIGHT,
It’s 9:45.
First up:
From Food And Wine :FWX



From Sarah:
These 5 drinks are gorgeous . They really looks spectacular.
In my opinion, they aren’t very practical for most 4TH Of July parties.
I would love to be served something like this . Cool, colorful, fresh and full of flavor.
I wouldn’t want to be the person having to make them ad keep the supllies coming.
Now if someone could just ring me one of them now, I’d be delighted. Who wouldn’t be?

The 2ND post for tonight is a desert.
I am not a big desert lover but this one seems to be well liked. I see recipes for them all the time.
Hummingbird Cake: Carrot Cake’s Southern Cousin


From Sarah: I don’t think I have ever had a Hummingbird Cake.
I have 2 favorite cakes. Angel Food, especially with  strawberries and
a good Carrot Cake. 
This looks very similar.  Looks great. Was wanting /craving a piece until I saw that it had pineapple in it.
Not interested at all any more. I really hate pineapple, especially in cakes. It is one of the few things I HATE.
We have a place near us where I indulge in the best carrot cake I have ever had.
Cherry Pocket Fish Camp.

I got sidelined again so decided to just post the 2 articles here.
It’s 11:44 PM .
Almost midnight. Time to get this OUT.
HA! Ha!
Have a good weekend.
P.S. I almost forgot:
Remember my saying earlier, no rain in sight? Well, we got a small storm.
Not much rain.
Goodnight From Florida.

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