Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper – Sunday, June 28, 2015

It is 10:10 PM. I should have plenty of time to get this out before MIDNIGHT. If Danny doesn’t need anything. IF…If….
Laughing silently as I wrote the above.
When I got the daily paper in my email, shortly after 6, I thought I was going to get an early start on it.
I only thought I would. Danny had other plans. We’d just gotten home after doing our Sunday errands so Danny could make it through a 7 day stretch. Plenty of lunch STUFF. Salad  and sandwich fixings. More milk and eggs. His wine and my Diet Pepsi.We’d had a late lunch and spent time talking . I thought he was ready for computer time.
He was bored. So we sat in the kitchen and  talked. What did we talk about?
Mainly the same things we talked about earlier. WORK. The HEAT. For once, Danny is mentioning the heat as much , IF NOT, more than I am.
We had a good weekend.
Everything is ready for him in the morning. Lunch is made. Snacks for later. Supper tomorrow night. He still hasn’t eaten tonight but he will do that right before bedtime.
As if you haven’t gotten it yet, I am using these daily posts to update our MUNDANE life. (Hopefully that is the word I was looking for. My brain’s been a bit “Froggy” today.  And Yes, I meant froggy. Danny’s word for foggy. Long story there.)

Sunday: 1024 PM.
First Post:
From The New York Times:

The Opinion Pages
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Why Women Apologize and Should Stop

From Sarah:
I am one of those women who say “I’m sorry” way more than I should. I do it with Danny. With people I work with. I am not sure why I do it as much as I do.
Often I AM NOT SORRY at all.
I know I do it to keep the peace. I also don’t want to come across as a “B”.
I am sometimes overly polite, even when I shouldn’t be.

The following was COPIED AND PASTED:

“For so many women, myself included, apologies are inexorably linked with our conception of politeness. Somehow, as we grew into adults, “sorry” became an entry point to basic affirmative sentences.”

From Sarah: That statement is CERTAINLY true for me. More so late in life.
I say it so I can stop whatever confrontation/argument that I believe is coming. Or I will say it at work INSTEAD of saying WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY and probably should say,
I don’t because of Danny. He has to work there. I can just go home.

Anyway, this is an interesting article.
It firmly states that some men also say it more than they should.
Danny is not one of them.  He has no problem saying polite things away from home. “Pleases, Thank you’s, I’m Sorry” as needed. At home though, it is like he doesn’t know how to.

2nd post:

  From Epicurious:

Everything I Know About Camp Cooking I Learned From the Boy Scouts

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