Oh Edward Cullen Mine, Can We Start with Forever ?

I love the “No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let’s start forever.”
A very good read.

Decoding Happyness

Himzz Twilight

Blissfully aware of the dark side,
Of your moon, my love,
I am falling deep,
Deep in the steep valleys of your love..

Blissfully aware of the venom,
Which can sap the life away,
From my fragile human soul..

I want to lose myself into you,
To find the true shades of red..

Oh Cullen mine, bite my neck,
Sweeping my feet from the earth,
Transport me on your magic carpet..

Take me to your planet,
Take me to your woods and hills,
Making me a stranger to this world..

Make me yours, for a time infinite,
A time, galaxies fail to define,
Oh Edward mine, can we start with forever ?

In my previous posts “Dragon Ball Z”, I wrote about my love for Edward Cullen saying : “I hate  mosquitoes biting me. (Although I wouldn’t mind a vampire like Edward Cullen biting my neck 😉 )”…

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  1. My real smile is lacking a good part of the time right now.
    I will get it back….I always do. I am known far and wide for my smile.
    Most of the posts on Facebook SAOT are from the blog right now. I admit I am not there as often as I need to be. It is where my heart is….Here to.
    I have a a few Facebook Pages. The one I use most for SAOT’S and other pages is Sarah Sue. My main Angel Mom account is Sarah Kasch or Debbie Sarah Kasch. It’s no wonder I can’t keep up. The first 2 just grew and grew. Now I am hardly there and they are still growing. Most of my posts are closed except to Angel Mom’s and a few other people.
    Sarah Sue is PUBLIC and still small.


  2. Himali Shah says:

    Thanks a lot for the ReBlog 🙂 I’m glad we met. Your site has such wonderful pieces. Enjoyed reading. I’d also encourage your readers to visit DecodingHappiness 🙂


    1. I will. I enjoy sharing things from your blog. It’s what I created Sarah’s Attic of Treasures on Facebook for. The blog is a continuation of the page.
      I just love sharing good posts from others. It makes me happy.
      I also love the name you choose for the blog.
      I wish I could DECODE my own happiness. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Himali Shah says:

        Ohhh Sarah you’re so sweet. I really like your idea and concept. I will find and like your page on FB soon 🙂
        As of decoding happiness, it lies within us.. so stop seeking and start creating happiness with your lovely smile 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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