Another Friday Night in Our Neck Of The Woods: July, 10, 2015

Good evening from Our Neck of The Woods and Rolling Meadows Ranch.

Sunset on Rolling Meadows Ranch and Danny working.
Sunset on Rolling Meadows Ranch and Danny working.

(The Picture above:
Danny was working on the electric gate after hours. It’s park related and should be done on the clock.
It is way to hot to be working at our ENTRANCE when he first comes home. Way too hot and SUNNY or it is storming…..)

Another work week has ended. Danny’s short one. He only worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
This one just seemed longer. Maybe because we had so many errands and doctor visits on Monday and Tuesday. Plus we had that argument/fight a few days ago and my system is still out of whack.
I am venting a little. Hopefully not too much. I am in pretty good spirits. Just really tired and sore. Mentally tired as well.
I’ve been stressing more than usual. We haven’t made it to WalMart yet and we really need groceries. Sad, thing is: We need toiletries and other supplies as much as we need food. We have enough food thru Sunday….minus a few cans of soup.

We need food.
We need food.

Danny has never understood the need to stuck up and keep it stocked.
Give him credit: it is hard for us to really do that with the limited amount he makes.
It is really getting harder for us to make it on his salary and I don’t get that much from my disability  yet.
Anyway, We are both exhausted. This weather is wearing us out and I am inside most of the time.
Danny comes home whipped after 8 hours outside.

Danny was really late coming home tonight. Usually I hear enough on the radio to know what is going on and if he will be late.
So I go in to the kitchen around 3PM as I always do and turned on the AC there.

It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.
It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.

Got a few last minute things done and then sat down at the computer to wait for him to get home. He gets off at 3:30 so he is always home by 3:45 till 4PM depending on if he has to do anything in the Ranger Station.
The radio had been QUIET, especially for a Friday afternoon so I thought he would be straight home.
So Mr. Bojangles and I waited and we waited and we waited.
By 4:45 I was getting a little “ticked off ” because he hadn’t radioed to say he’d be late. He knows I am always waiting.

One thing about Danny. He always comes straight home.

So when he wasn’t home by 5 PM and there had been NOTHING on the radio I was getting worried. No email. No calls. I checked the ANSWERING MACHINE. Nothing.
I got worried.

So I went to call over the radio.

I got an answer right away.

Long story short:
One of our guys broke down outside of Orlando this afternoon. He was in the State’s  Truck pulling a trailer with a deuce and half on it. Off the side of the road.
All of this was off the radio.

SO I had no idea he wasn’t even at the park.
Danny and our Assistant Manager when to pick him and the truck up.
Danny forgot to call me. He forgot everything had been said over the phone  NOT the radio.
I couldn’t even get upset with him. He never forgets to call me or message me.

After he got home and we talked for a short while. I went to the bathroom and just started shaking.
Silly or not. I had been worried that he’d had an accident on the way home.
He is just that prompt.

We made a quick trip to the little store down the road. I have a Marathon of Shows to watch this weekend. Maybe tonight.
We splurged and picked up a few things for me to eat while watching them and for Danny to snack on as well.
Then I felt guilty for spending the money.
It was less than $20.00.

So that is my rant for this evening. I really need to be putting these rants somewhere else but haven’t yet.
Hope everyone is happy or at least winding down from their week.

So goodnight- at least for this post.
Hugs Sarah.

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