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I love to read. My answers will be a bit different than those here. I am a procrastinator so it might take me awhile to do this.
What are my plans for the weekend? Danny’s off. While he is in the computer room……I plan on watching a Marathon of Cedar Cove . Season 1. It’s the only one NETFIX has out so far.
I have waited and waited to watch this series.
Cedar Code: Season 2, Episode 9  Debbie Macomber wrote the book series years ago.  I fell in love with it at the time. The books were my escape at night. It was also light reading compared to all the history books I read.
I love the actors in the series. Especially, Bruce Boxleitner.
Cedar Code: Season 2, Episode 9
Only problem: Before I start, we NEED food in the house.

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