Tired Of Hearing: “But You Don’t Look Sick”.

Really tired of hearing people tell me I don’t look sick when I can hardly walk or after I have been puking my guts out all day.
Looking in the mirror today:
Yes, I actually look pretty good for
I can look sick when I feel better than I usually do.
They see me often enough to have figured it out by now.
Some people OUGHT to know better than to say “THOSE” WORDS TO ME.
Sorry, Just venting.

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  1. I empathise, the one thing people always say is “you look well” really winds me up to.

    1. Trouble is I usually do look ok. I am glad most of the time …..Glad because if I am out …..no one knows how bad I really feel.
      It’s hard when my hubby doesn’t understand. Or puts it out of his mind because he would worry too much if he didn’t. Sometimes though, I NEED a hug or him saying, “I know you don’t feel good”. Anything would be good.

      1. Things like that are so important, maybe even a blog there somewhere for you. Trouble is no one understands unless you are the person having it. But then we don’t understand what it’s like as a carer. Both tough jobs.

      2. I forgot to add that I do know what it is like as a caregiver. Not as much hands on from Family. Early on , when my son was little he was sick from asthma and in and out of the hospital. Oh that was hard. As a mom. Then he pretty much outgrew the bad spells and had minor ones the last few years. Till he had a bad one and died.
        I normally wouldn’t have brought it up but it seemed appropriate here. Also last week was his 35th birthday……his 10th in Heaven. I am a little numb from it. Memories cropped up.
        I worked in the homecare for a number of years. That was hard to see the suffering and not really be able to help.
        I loved it though.

  2. Himali Shah says:

    Dear Sarah, get well soon <3 Take care & have rest.. sending u hugs and love <3 <3 <3

    1. Himali, I got the hugs and I felt the love. I am resting. And Sleeping. This is just going to have to run it’s course and I have no idea how long it will last ……I always bounce back.
      Sending smiles and love from Florida.

      1. Himali Shah says:

        Thank you so much, Sarah. That is so sweet of you. Have a relaxed week ahead and wish you speedy recovery. God’s blessings with you and my good wishes to u too <3 🙂

        1. Sorry, I didn’t answer this sooner. I saw it but was so far behind on everything. Here’s praying you are having a good day. Happy Sunday. Enjoy the coming week. Sarah

          1. Himali Shah says:

            Thank you !! <3 🙂
            Have a lovely week ahead 🙂

  3. Love the “pile of Poop”. I laughed at that. I wish I could say I was feeling better. I will , just not today.

  4. shyutgal says:

    Vent away. I hate hearing that too. I want to tell the cheery little pile of helpful poop that they need to switch places with me for 24 hours and then they can feel free to offer such platitudes! I hope you feel better presently!

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