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This is one of the most uplifting blogs I have seem in a long while. Himali, also answers your emails and is quick about it.
She is awesome. The blog is awesome.
Masked Smiles has 2 meanings for me.
Right now: I mask how bad I am hurting. If Danny realized how painful it really is for me to be up and about, even as little as I am, he wouldn’t be able to leave me alone. I couldn’t handle him underfoot wanting to help and not being able to.
MASKED SMILES has become the “NORM” for me since my son died.
I wear a mask every day. I smile but it doesn’t reach my eyes like it use. I can be happy but am seldom HAPPY. There is a huge difference between the 2 happy and HAPPY.
Tomorrow, Friday, July 17, MARKS Bobby’s 10th birthday in HEAVEN. He is in a great place and is HAPPY. I know that.
His birthday means that once again, I celebrate it quietly……by myself.
I can’t- NOT CELEBRATE it.
For 25 almost 26 years, I celebrated Bobby’s birthday with him.
I carried him for 9 PLUS months.
How could I NOT still celebrate it?
Happy Birthday, In Heaven,
Mom still celebrates it.
After all, I need a reason to bake your favorite dessert.

Love Sarah

by Himali Shah

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