Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper- Thursday, July 16, 2015 (And An UpDate)

First off:
Happy Birthday in Heaven to my dad’s mom, my grandma. Irene Kasch.
Her real name was Mary Irene but no one ever called her that. She was just not a Mary.
My son, was always glad that his birthday was the day after hers. It meant they always celebrated their birthdays together.
If I let myself slow down today and didn’t keep reading all of the emails and blogs, posts and comments that have come in this past week, I would be in a dark hole right now.
Bobby’s birthday is tomorrow. I will add all the details then.
It is impossible not to feel grief this time of year. It comes no matter what I do.
I do my best to celebrate his life. I try to stay out of the dark hole as much as I can.
Those dark moments don’t come very often any more.
Not like they did the first few years.
Yet, when they do come….and they will…..the darkness is there…….
I am celebrating their lives. Both of them.
Happy Birthday, Grandma. I love and miss you.
Yes, Debbie… my family…that name is as automatic to me as the air I breathe.

I have done too much today and I have already said why I haven’t slowed down….
My brain has been active and needed stimulation…not just rest.
My body just needs rest.
So I am either in the recliner or lying in bed…..

It is still a trial for me to get out of bed and do anything mobile. The body just doesn’t follow orders right now.
Thank you for the comments on the blog and in my emails. The prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

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As to the paper tonight:
There are a lot of articles about Homeschool Curriculum and other tidbits along that line.
I won’t post them but you can check them out if you are interested.
Flourish and Alisha Gratehouse are some that come to mind.

In another area and one I haven’t and probably won’t comment on  :
There is a post on Southern Confederate Birthdays and one on the flag itself.
There might be others I didn’t see.

There is a post about Disney Cruises for families.

I wish I could share all the food posts There are some awesome ones.
Lot’s of Social Media posts as well.

With all that said: On with the paper.
From Food And Wine Magazine


Korean Sizzling Beef
I love BBQ but there is something special about Korean BBQ. At the end of this artice are others related to the topic.

My second post is also from Food And Wine.

Many of these rules are considered RUDE for us.
As usual there are more articles relating to the subject following the post.
Italian Food for one.

There is a good post on entertaining in the summer.
Lot’s of great stuff.
The Arts and Entertainment section has some good articles and posts.
Check them out.

That’s it for me tonight.
Worn out and I really didn’t do anything here.
Just copied a few links and wrote a few words.
Yet, everything exhausts me right now.

This is certainly NOT how I wanted to spend Danny’s 7 days of Late Field.

I love the freedom of posting all afternoon and early evening when I feel better.
Danny and I still spend quality time before and after he goes to work.
I jut wish it wasn’t so hot for his sake.

So goodnight from Our Neck Of The Woods.
Love Sarah

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