Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening ) Post Newspaper- Friday, July, 17, 2015 (And An Update)

I am smiling as I write this post.

Today, IS Bobby’s Birthday.

He spent this birthday in Heaven as he has done the last TEN.
Ten Years.
I haven’t cried although I almost did. I still may. I may even have trouble tomorrow….the DAY AFTER.
It will be ok if I do CRY……
One thing I have learned in the years since Bobby died:
Whatever I do IS OK.
I have earned the right to GRIEVE however I need to.
Danny and I use to go to Liar Lair Saloon…just down the road and across from the park and DANCE on Bobby’s Birthday.
I loved those CELEBRATIONS.
More on those days and on Bobby WHEN I get around to sharing HIM.
The point I am making or trying to make here tonight IS:

Today, for the first time since Bobby died, I haven’t fallen into what I call a “dark hole” around his birthday.

They usually started a week or 2 before. Usually it didn’t show. I wear my mask well. But it was always there.
This YEAR:
I have felt PEACE.
For awhile this morning and early afternoon, I was restless….Empty.
Not SAD. Not anything.
I kept active. I listened to a webinar……MY First. I have put it off for years.
I got things done on line……

I am also feeling better. A Lot better and am able to WALK again. I hurt but am use to that.
My brain is free or as free from “FIBRO FOG” as It has been in a long while.

Danny is due home in less than an hour and I haven’t even started the paper part of the post YET. LOL.
the important STUFF came first.

For this moment :
I am almost happy.
Not HAPPY but happy.
That is good.

Thank you for all the comments on my posts. I have a number to answer later. I love the emails. Again, I will get to those ASAP.
I love you all.
Now on to the articles from the newspaper.
Oh, I almost forgot:
Happy Birthday, Bobby…
Your mom loves you and misses you.
Your mom is good.

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