Reposting From A Journey With You: Daring To Dream

I am sharing my comment to Becky. I was going to write everything over here but I decided to just share what I wrote her:

Becky, I love your writings, your stories….So keep them coming.
You brought back wonderful memories of my childhood and even Bobby’s. I had an awesome one with awesome parents. LOVE. We had it all.
You are right about how things were back then.
Kids knew how to have fun.
Looking back….I am glad I didn’t have a clue what the internet was or what we could do with it….Don’t get me wrong…..I love it. For everything I can do on it….
Yet, as a child…..there is JOY to be found ONLY when you get OUT DOORS to find it.
Or by picking up a book and reading it.
I wouldn’t trade any of that for the internet of today.
I am glad Bobby had all of that to.
He knew computers and the internet…….but Facebook and everything weren’t around yet……He played OUT DOORS.
Rode his bike.
Thank you for this.
And to all of the other : The hard stuff in your life….keep writing about it. We are listening. We are hearing. We are sharing it.
Love and hugs

This is what Becky  wrote:
Daring to Dream

I really hope you take the time to read it.

Have a relaxing Sunday,

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