Blogging 201 Started – What Was I Thinking


I can’t believe how quickly the messages came in. No sooner did I get the first email  and went to check in that I realized I was already behind.
I had totally forgotten about it.
Given this last week, I am not surprised…..
I can do this! Yes, I can!
I just won’t be able to like or join everyone’s blog……
What was I thinking?
Obviously, I wasn’t.
Good news though….
I saw two bloggers I know….
Marquessa and Lilipup.

Blogging 201
Back to school.
I can do this.


My first assignment: Taken word for word….Copied and Pasted

“Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals. ”

I can do that.
I will have them for you ASAP. I still have 17 plus hours to write them.

Did I say Danny was off this week?
Doctor’s appointments.
Me, myself and I this time….
Trying to get to the bottom of what caused my flair and why it was so bad this time.

I’ve needed set things to do.
Well for the next 2 weeks I have them.
Right after that is
Blogging 101.
I missed it this past month by a day.

I feel good.