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The following was copied and pasted:

“This review is from: Facebook Money: Instant Cash Profits Selling Physical Products On Facebook (Kindle Edition)

I didn’t know selling on Facebook was a thing. Even after I bought the book, I was skeptical. But after reading it, I realized selling on Facebook is a serious way to make money online and help people sell people in your area things they need. This book was highly information, but brief and to-the-point, which, honestly, I liked. If you’re interested in making money online,”

I am checking into this myself. Saving it now. Sarah

I am on a roll and Danny is still busy in his computer room.
There is also another reason why we aren’t in our kitchen …together….right now..
Danny didn’t have any wine to put in the refrigerator to get it cold. He waited until almost 6PM for us to go and get it….(Little store 5 miles down the road)
Plus our Ice Machine is Broke. That is another story for a later time.

So I get more time here to post.

Ok , What do we have next?

I found another blog …a food blog.
This was shared by a favorite food blogger of mine….Tara Noland of Noshing With the Nolands.Peach Blueberry White Wine Sangria by Noshing With The Nolands 480x480
 Tara Noland.
The New Blog Is : 
Fearless Dining:
A Gluten Free Dining at Home Or Out Blog
Yeah, Another recipe for STUFFED PEPPERS.
Love love love them.

Stuffed Pasilla Peppers txt

Stuffed Pasilla Peppers

So you got to see new about 2 blogs in one article here.

Photos: Taking Pictures…….
Wish I had one.
I love to take photos. I can’t stop taking them, which is WHY I wear them out.
My “New”, as of one year ago this week BROKE.
My smartphone…..An old Galaxy …as in the first one issued is on it’s last legs…..
A friend sent it to me to take photos with a year and a half ago.
I don’t have cell service….
It sometimes works  and sometimes it take forever for it to work. The battery won’t hold a charge very long now.
That was a VENT,
Yes, I am lost without one.

Taking Amazing Pictures With My LG G4

LG G4 Smartphonef

Picture of Club Sandwich with LG G4 #SprintMom
That looks good enough to eat. Better photos than mine any more.

Dreaming ……….
Of a camera……

That’s it for the newspaper part of this post.

Now for the nightly update……

Get use to seeing this for the next 2 weeks as I plod my way through this class. Then you’ll have to put up with Blogging 101 right afterwards.

cropped-blogging-201 (1)
This class has excited me in a way I haven’t been excited in a long time. I couldn’t stop reading what everyone was saying. At last I have something CONCRETE to do everyday that is JUST FOR ME.

This day has been a long one. I was up all night again. My days and night are all messed up.
When I finally went to bed around 6AM, Danny was getting restless.
I seldom sleep well and certainly didn’t sleep until after he got up around 9 or so. I finally FORCED myself out of bed CLOSE to NOON. Exhausted.
I am so alert at night.

I am more tired than I have been because I have been on my feet more today.
Plus, Danny started his week of another
STAY AT HOME DO NOTHING STAY CATION. He would fix a few things this week.

How about my SINK?
It’s been 2 months.
He has what he needs to fix it.
Why isn’t it fixed? He has to fix things like that at the park all the time why should he want to do it at home? ANd Because I haven’t “B..ched” about it

That side needs to be fixed.
That side needs to be fixed. The small plate is there to remind US Not to turn the water on there. There is a hole under it.
The blue  piece of tape is to remind me not to open the doors fast. WHY? Because Danny also NEEDS to fixed the door hinge on the right side.
The blue piece of tape is to remind me not to open the doors fast. WHY? Because Danny also NEEDS to fixed the door hinge on the right side.
Those are OUT because the door hinge is broke and the door falls out.
Those are OUT because the door hinge is broke and the door falls out.

I can’t blame him.
I have trouble JUST getting out of bed and doing ANYTHING,
I do them. I have to.

He has other chores to do. They probably won’t get done. The one thing we NEED DONE that was Unexpected:
A new Alternator .
It really should have been THAT unexpected. A TRUCK DOESN’T Run FOREVER WITH ONLY OIL CHANGES.
I kept my mouth SHUT.

He use to take such good care of everything.
He doesn’t mistreat anything…..far from it….Just NO TLC.

Sorry this update isn’t very positive
I have been in pretty good spirits. I think it is just the after affects of last weeks FLARE that I wasn’t sure was only a flair. I didn’t know for sure how long it would last or if it was here to stay.

Now I am venting about things that don’t really matter.
I feel better.
Danny is good.
We are good.
Is SUMMER over yet? That would make everything BETTER.

Good night From Rolling Meadows Ranch and Our Neck Of The Woods
Good night From Rolling Meadows Ranch and Our Neck Of The Woods

That’s it for tonight in OUR NECK OF THE WOODS.
Hugs, Sarah

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  1. Tandy,
    I seem to be doing more and more of it.
    The repairs will get done. None are hard to do.Even the alternator can be charged IF WE ABSOLUTELY have to. Neither of Us Charges Much. I HATE HATE HATE to.
    I am too stubborn there.
    I just hate US NEVER saving money.
    Not together. Danny doesn’t. I don’t really have any to save. I save change. And extra money I get that I don’t spend.
    I don’t want to offer it ONLY because It is only $75.00. Not enough for an alternator. But it is getting closer to my getting myself a CAMERA or an old smart phone with a good working camera…..a Used one.
    Am I selfish? In this case maybe. I usually buy Danny something with my Christmas money. Or I use it for special Food /treats…For the holidays.
    If Danny we wouldn’t go out for lunch as often as we do (3x’s a month) and make a few less trips to town he could save something each month. He could PLAN his WINE/ BEER drinking better. I plan my Diet Pepsi.
    I need to get off . I am realizing how UPSET I really am.
    He really doesn’t spend much. He just doesn’t make enough and my disability doesn’t help much
    Hey thanks again, especially since we just MET so to speak. I need to put my “Big Girl Panties” back on and SHUT UP.

  2. it is always good to vent! Hope today is a better day, and that the repairs get done 🙂

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