Blogging 201 Day 2 – Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I wrote down a set of GOALS yesterday as my first assignment. I also was told to write about WHY I BLOG.
cropped-blogging-201 (1)
I have been busy here. Working on my goals.
Today we were asked to AUDIT our Blog and fix it up. Tweak it as needed.
I haven’t done much there. I had just changed the site a couple of weeks ago and really like it. I did ask a few questions and have gotten a few answers.

I will be tweaking the tags and category sections. I have duplicates and (Surprise! Surprise! ) misspellings. Not even sure if misspelling is spelled right. Yet, spell check didn’t pop up.

I also need to somehow DARKEN the Tagline so you can read it better.
Haven’t been  able to do that yet.
I am sure it is an easy fix but them this is me we are talking about.

I am also working on a FAKE  blog to use as a tutorial. Fake isn’t the word I want but I can’t think of it.
So If you happen to see a blog pop up with :
Debbie Sue’s Attic Of Treasures then you will know somehow I messed up. It is suppose to STAY PRIVATE so I can change things around a bit.

I was just going to copy and paste some of Debbie Sue’s Attic Of Treasures
Blog but now I don’t even see it.

I told you I can certainly mess things up.
It was there until I put private on it. Now I can’t even find it.
Yes, my mind is not as clear today as it was yesterday.

I also noticed in my emails that I have a new follower on Sarah’s Life: Past , Present and Future so I decided I needed to at least get a post out there.


Includes photos Of Our Neck Of The Woods, Colorado, Illinois, Bobby and Danny and I.

Still tweaking that WHOLE site.
Next up will be Our Neck Of The Woods.

I can’t keep up with this blog and I am trying to work on more.
It’s just that Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures is a different kind of blog.
I need to work on it’s Brand again.
So it will look more like Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures and not just my Ramblings About Life.
I need to get off so I can work on the evening paper.
Until later, Sarah

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  1. HOPE Leissa says:

    I think your blog is coming along. The header goes well with the colors, I love the way the burgundy stands out.

    1. Leissa, Thank you for that. I am glad you said it because I really like it, How are you doing on your task? I haven’t been on paying attention to the emails. I have saved them all. I spent ALL day and most of the night reading them and it wore me out. I will visit you on a little bit. 🙂

      1. HOPE Leissa says:

        You’re welcome and take your time. 🙂

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