Blogging 201 – Day 3 (Continuing with Days One and 2 – Mainly Branding) .

Help. I need a free place to go. Imikimi is all I know and I know very little.
Any suggestions? This is the ONLY one I came up with awhile ago.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures
Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

All I did was add the name.

Thank you, Sarah

Where is the day going? I was on the computer all night and slept for a few hours this morning.
I can’t believe it is almost 6:30 PM and I still have so much to do TODAY/ TONIGHT.
I can do it IF Danny decided to be unsociable (so I can be as well) and stays in his computer room.
I am in the enclosed porch. Danny’s room is connected to this one and the door is open. (For now)
This class is wonderful for me. The assignments are perfect for SOMEONE who needs as much help as I do.
I still need to rewrite the first assignment :
Shorten it for this class. I don’t need to for the class – I need to for me.
I need to reword day 2 and I need to write about day 3’s assignment.

On my BLOG I am writing more of what I am doing and how I feel doing it.
For the class: I want to make it more professional. Details verses paragraphs.
So at some point , all of the assignments will be rewritten and re-worded to look better.

I’ve been working on it. Most of it is done.
Focusing on yesterday: It is too important not to do it and NOW.

Yesterday, One of our assignments was about our “Brand”.
I almost Blew it of.
To me a brand was  a  name “BRAND” pair of jeans….something you bought and some else  sold.
Then I got to thinking.
While I am not “Selling” Sarah’s Attic Of Treasure in the “buy and selling” way……
I am selling it to the public. Wanting them to check it out. See if it “FITS”
Not for profit (Not yet, although hopefully that WILL happen at some point. We really NEED the money.) but for a LIKE.
For them to take it home ….to their computers, tablets and smartphone….To bring it inside their houses and into their lives.
For a few moments a day. For the time it takes them to drink a glass of tea.
I am selling “My idea” to them every time I post from Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.
So it got me to thinking. To really think about what I am and have been doing in the last few months since this blog was born.
I’d actually thought about some of this when I first changed the title somewhat.

The name of the blog when it came out was:

That’s where I made my FIRST HUGE mistake.
Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures AND  Our Neck Of The Woods
I knew I wanted to blog about both topics.
I CAN NOT blog without Our Neck Of The Woods….That is My /Our Life

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures DOES NOT NEED Our Neck of the Woods.
Some of it YES. The blog needs personal tidbits….the occasional PERSONAL story.
I’ve been in a “Down and Out” place fighting depression and a couple of serious health issues and I have shared some of it here.

I’ve taken the JOY and Laughter out of Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.

So I am working on REBRANDING this BLOG.
It is now 7:25PM.

Last night I started working on a 3 NEW BLOGS.
1. Living Without My Son
2. Our Neck Of The Woods
3. Sarah’s Life: Past Present Future

I am having trouble with the TABS/ MENUS so it is taking forever.
Plus I have to PEE alot and it takes awhile to get there and back.

I am enjoying this course. Learning a lot. Not as much for the formal posts from the”Teachers” but from the other blogging “Students”.

I am thinking more and not just doing.

SO for only 3 days onto the class , I have learned and am learning.
The best part. Meeting “NEW” Bloggers.
That’s it for this post.
Plus write about Day 3: THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR TODAY.
The above was all about Days ONE and TWO.

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  1. Should I take that has a hint of an assignment coming up or am I just overly tired? It’s 4:34AM…I can’t sleep.

  2. ryandan says:

    Splitting your blog into 3 separate elements! Way to go. 🙂 Remember to cross reference each element so that your readers can automatically move from one to the other.

    1. Ryan, That is a good idea. I don’t plan to link any of them together until I get all of them set up> I also have a lot of things I want to transfer to the new blogs and would like to get them sorted. It will take time to do it right. I can work on Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures and keep fine tuning it and post the articles I should be posting there.
      How are you today?
      How is Day 4 coming along?
      I did make a calendar.
      I haven’t set up anything for a certain day as yet. That will be hard for me to do. I like the when “I feel like it then I will do it ” mind frame.
      Plus, With the Lupus and fibro being as they are now….I never know from day to day how I will be…..
      Yet, a calendar doesn’t mean things can’t be changed. I can also start scheduling posts and writing them ahead of time. I need to do that anyway.
      It is exciting for me and I hadn’t been excited about anything in a very long time.
      I am rambling….Something I tend to do sometimes.
      Have a great afternoon.

      1. ryandan says:

        Hello Sarah
        So let’s add another string to your bow. May I write a few articles for you that focus on Information Technology?

        That will really add a totally new element to your blog.

        Let me know what your take is on my idea. My email address is

        1. WOW, Yes you may and I thank you ahead of time.
          Hold off for just a bit……read other post. I’ve been really sick.

          1. ryandan says:

            Hi Sarah, I saw your post about your trip to the ER. So sad to hear about that. Let me nkow when you are feeling better. I would love to write a few articles for you.

            1. Give me a little time to catch up. I got behind. I am looking forward to it though. Excited actually.
              Don’t work too hard.

        2. Ryan,
          I am excited to know you will be posting on my blog.
          What do I need to do to make this happen? Do you send me a post and I add it to my post, with a comment from me about guest blogging and all?
          Do you have the posts written? Curious?
          How is your weekend going?

  3. Marquessa says:

    One day at a time…! or should I say, one assignment at a time! 🙂

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