Blogging 201 Day 3 : Get Read All Over ( REDo. Added Pictures.)

Written Wednesday, July, 22, 2015 Revamped Sunday night early Monday 26th / 27th
Day Three:  Our Assignment Was Get Read All Over
Our site can look good on our computers but how do they look on a tablet or a smartphone?
We need to make sure our site looks good wherever it may be . It must look good on all devices. Our Apps and Widgets must work there also.

So today we had to make sure our site was  mobile friendly.  We needed to find out if we had a responsive theme.
That was easy enough up to a point for me.
I checked it out with their screen tests.  Computer..tablet.. Smartphone.
All looked great.

My Gateway: also posted last night. Where I sit during the day when I am not on the porch or on the desk top. I love looking out the French Doors. This is where the one deer always comes to.
My Gateway: 9 years old. Windows XP Still works great. My First Generation iPad is next to it. A gift earlier from a friend , Outdated for him. I love it for my music. …Blog showed up well on both , 
Desktop with a Small TV Monitor. Large TV Looked great on both.
Desktop with a Small TV Monitor. Large TV
Looked great on both.

Next I went and tried it out on my desktop which is hooked to a large TV MONITOR.
Looked good there.
Danny has a newer tablet.
It looked good there.
Without looking around too much,
I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY (Their First one)
I can’t update either one.
I don’t have a carrier for the smartphone.
I HAVE SLOW  INTERNET at the best of times.
I could only check it so much today.
Appearance -wise they all looked good.
I didn’t ask for help or ask anyone to check it out on their phone or tablets.

I have an old laptop and I even checked it on that.
I decided that was all I would do today.
When I can : I will check all of them out minus the desk tops and TV ….some place that has good internet.
If  I can’t get it done this week then I will ask someone to check it out for me.
To be honest: I don’t want to have to change everything all over again.
Not while I am trying to build the other blogs.
I am prioritizing what I need to do best.

That said: If anyone wants to tell me  they can or can’t see this blog from any of their devices :Please feel free to do so. I would be foolish NOT to take advantage of the offer.
I’ll take any advice or  helpful criticism .
Thank you in advance.

It looks like I have a Responsive Theme.
Not sure about fonts and other things.
I haven’t tried enabling Minileven.
Which is for mobiles based on the 20/11 theme. Your blog automatically changes for phones or tablets.

That I will look into.

I still have things to do but I feel confident I did my assignment.
For now.
11:48 PM. Hitting Publish .
Not quite Midnight. WHEW!

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  1. Victoria says:

    Glad your theme works! I do have a quick suggestion though… the text in your header image is very difficult to read because it blends into the photo… maybe you could make it a darker colour so it’s not so hard to make out? Just thought I’d let you know 🙂 Hope you’re well

    1. Victoria, Thank you. I have tried to fix that but for haven’t figured out how as yet. I thought about taking it out now that I have a Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Tab/ Menu that works.
      I am really glad you commented on it though because now I will change it. May be not tonight but soon.
      I haven’t had a chance to read anything message all evening. I am good. JUst exhausted but too tired too sleep.
      How are you? 🙂

      1. Check it out now. I decided to change it right away. I just too the photo out. I should have done it right away.
        It does look better. I just hate a white background. LOL SO Thank you again.

      2. Victoria says:

        Alrighty! and I’m exhausted – halfway through a five hour drive at 11 pm

        1. I made even a few more changes. I wish I was going SOMEWHERE- ANYWHERE. Where are you headed? Have fun.

          1. Victoria says:

            I can’t wait to check it out once I have some time. You need to get some sleep! to Kansas to drop off stuff and then Missouri to look at the universoty

            1. I wish I was with you then. I know Missouri and Kansas Well At least a good chuck of both.
              Be safe. I need a road trip.

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    Have you found Blogging University helpful?

    1. Yes, I have. A Big help. I get stuck a lot. usually easy “Stuff” everyone else gets.
      I needed to tweak a few things. More than a few.
      It has excited me more than it should have.
      I have SOMETHING concrete to do. Something I can do, sitting at home with my legs prompt up.I have been so bored. Not myself.
      So how are YOU?

      1. aFrankAngle says:

        Thanks for the feedback about BU. I’ve never thought about the courses, but was wondering. Otherwise, I pulled a back muscle yesterday, so I’m a tad sore … Will see what today brings.

        1. I bet you are more than a tad sore.So how was your day?
          I am behind again today. Computer issues. Slow internet making downloading and uploading programs and apps taking hours to do instead of minutes.It’s frustrating. What’s even more frustrating is going to the desk top and having a number of downloads to do there. Normal stuff. I don’t use it as much as my lap top and I got behind on them.
          Have a good night. Sarah

          1. aFrankAngle says:

            A tad sore … so I took it easy … well, outside of the raking I did this morning. Good luck with those computer. issues.

            1. Since you mentioned the raking, I can’t help wonder what else you did today. Take it easy tomorrow.
              I think the computer ISSUES got fixed. I still have a lot of APPS to add yet or I won’t be watching any videos or using any docs. The main problem I have is re-adding Norton all the time.
              Have a good RELAXING weekend.

  3. Chris White says:

    Wow. I tend to stick to what works.

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