Blogging 201- Day 4 -Assignment- Give ‘Em What They Want

Blogging 201:
Back to school.
I can do this.

This has been a busy day. I was up late last night and up early (For Me) this morning. Tired. Really tired. It has been another dreary, wet and stormy day here in Our Neck Of The Woods…
For those you don’t know what  and where Our Neck Of The Woods is : Well you can find out here: Our Neck Of The Woods

This was taken around 6:30 AM. The front of our house. I am sitting in the enclosed porch right now . Left window
Grand Opening Of Our Kayak Launch and Dock – A huge year and a half project Danny was given. Only 4 people at the park knew about it for the first year…Danny and I. Our manager and assistant manager. Hush Hush
It was a labor of love for Danny and I

Lake Kissimmee State Park

Good Evening From Our Neck Of The Woods This was taken on Rolling Meadows Ranch
Our Marina at Lake Kissimmee State Park.

Assignment For Day 4: Blogging 201 Give ‘Em What They Want. Now that sounded easy enough until we were given our instructions. Would someone please blow a horn? Ok, Fun and games are over.


“Today’s assignment: do a basic stats analysis to help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days.” Copied and Pasted.
One sentence.
Yet, that one sentence incompasses so many different topics and tasks. I have looked over my stats off and on. Never really paying much attention to them. All that changed last night and today.
Before I go on with the Stas analysis I am going to include part of a comment I wrote to another 201 classmate. It was posted in a comment on her site. The comment included the following:

“I need a calendar. I use one for work and to REMEMBER THINGS I HAVE TO . I was thinking of doing some scheduled posts but am afraid I don’t WANT to be LOCKED into something I may not want to do all the time. I don’t want to have to do anything. I gave myself ONE  thing to post everyday. That’s been good for me. So far I enjoy it but it comes at a bad time for me.” ADDING THIS NOW: that one thing was my Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily (Evening) Post Newspaper. It was a good choice. “I never know from day to day how much time Danny and I will spend together after he gets off of work. I don’t want the blog to interfere in OUR TIME TOGETHER. Yet, I feel better at night. During the day, I usually DON’T feel good. I can do things but I may not want to. Brain fog from fibromyalgia. It’s really hard to fight it. What’s sad is , I have plenty of time during the day to write…Time when Danny isn’t here. Yet, that is my worse functioning time period. I usually go through my emails then…if I am up to it. That helps as I have more and more of them to read. One thing the calendar idea gave me is: It has given me more ideas of what to write and when to write them…I can also write posts when I feel like it and schedule them for a later time. I briefly looked at my STATS. OUCH! They bummed me OUT. I have a new blog. Only a few months old. I am just now getting a following. What is frustrating is: the stats don’t show me everything. A few friends and I email our thoughts instead of writing in the comment sections…So they don’t show up. Once again, I wrote a book. I may use part of this for my Assignment. Once again, Keep writing as you do. I like it. Sarah”

That was written earlier this afternoon. Since then I wrote On Sticky Notes (On my computer) a number of topics to blog about.
Ideas for a weekly post.  One Of My Sticky Notes.

!.Our Neck Of The Woods- started but haven’t writting one in awhile
2. Blog Hop
3.The Week’s End- Sharing what you have found through the week.
Idea came from another blog so change the name a bit.
Schedule time to look at other peoples blogs.
5. Reading my favorite blogs
6. New blogs
7. Scheduling Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media times
8. Catch up times
9. Q’s and A’s
10. Revising Older Posts.
11. From the Zen and I :If we were having coffee I would tell you; Change it to tea or lunch
12. Blog Topic: Where is My Happy Place and DO I Even Have One Any More
13. Write About Holidays: Growing Up, With Bobby, Danny and I.
14. Loneliness
What Makes Me HappY
15. What Makes Me Sad?
16.Post to create. Time’s best to post. I made a 4 month calendar for the rest of this year. I have yet to write anything on it. All of my thoughts are on my sticky notes. I may or may not get to putting them on the calendar today. I will though. My calendar will be somewhat functional. It will get changed often. Stats. The reasons given for doing a stat analysis: Why do this? Again I copied and pasted.

  • Another Sticky Note:

    Scheduling POSTS ON WORDPRESS. Best Days Tuesday And Wednesdays At 5PM
    5 PM M-F ?

    Because knowing which topics and posts are popular helps you to brainstorm new content your audience will love.

  • Because knowing which days of the week your visitors are most likely to show up lets you to plan to publish on your best days.
Stats Best VIEW EVER WAS APRL 11. 489
Posting Activity Stats

Home Page and Archives Are My Best  For Visitors
Check This One Out.
One Blog I posted for got more views than anything else:
Mary Jane’s Farm Girl: Blog Hop

It was my top HIT.
April 11th
Over 400 hits
Did I ever post another one from Her?

Will I ?


About Me and My Life As An An Angel Mom Are popular POSTS.

My Life As an Angel Mom and The Son I Miss More Ever Day

Search Engines and WordPress. 

  • Because knowing which topics and posts are popular helps you to b
    rainstorm new content your audience will love.
  • Because knowing which days of the week your visitors are most likely to show up lets you to plan to publish on your best days.

One thing I noticed on MY STATS was the best day to post was always Wednesday . The best time to post was 5 PM. Today though it showed:

Best day to post.
Best time to post.

So I have 2 best days posted Tuesday and Wednesday. Same time period. 5PM. What I really need to do and SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG: Schedule posts for Tuesdays and Wednesday at 5 PM. So anywhere between 4 and 6 should be good times to post. I can schedule post for 5 PM and if I am on line at that time. It is not  very often because as I mention before, It’s Our Time Together. Family meaning Danny ALWAYS Comes first. (Well almost always I am human.) So on my calendar : there will be a time given to Tuesday and Wednesday. 5 PM. I may also schedule a post for Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays as well. I read somewhere that Saturdays weren’t usually very good days to post. Sunday’s varied. Family time. Yet, On my stats I often get visitors here. So I need to post for them as well. I will be going back to how I posted on Facebook on my Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures there.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Sarah Sue On Facebook. My non angel account. It is opened to the public. Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Facebook:

Good Morning…..Actually I haven’t gone to bed yet…..Since Danny has been working Late Field at the park and will be off all of next week…….I have been staying UP and SLEEPING IN….. Have an awesome weekend, Sarah

Taken from a recent post on Facebook. Posting a photo and a short comment about the photo. Quotes. Pictures I like: kitchens, bathrooms, house, food and recipes, shared pages Etc,. Starting at least ONE Blog Hop. My stats increased when I shared Blog Hops. It also increased when I shared food related posts from POPULAR Blogs.

Ally’s Kitchen
Stacey’s Snacks

One final stat that totally surprised me…….
Actually 2:
I had a number of Pinterest and Stumbled Upon Views Linked to my stats.
Google as well.

I need to finish this as I still have my Nightly Newspaper Post to READ, WRITE and PUBLISH.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Daily Posts

Daily Treats About Life , Recipes, Books., Blogging

Mr. Bojangles playing this afternoon.


Mr. Bojangles playing .

Another rainy day. 
The building you barely see is Our Bunkhouse.

I also know that Danny will at some point NEED a BREAK as well….I may or may not get it post soon.
I will get it posted BEFORE MIDNIGHT.
Good Night  God Bless
So I will Be Tweaking this again and again SOMETIME when I am not so tired of it.
Laughing quietly as I wrote that.

Good Night From Our Neck Of The Woods and Rolling Meadows Ranch