Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate : Easy And Decadent Caramel Tiramisu (And a Simpler Life Inside My Kitchen)
From Sarah: I love Tiramisu but seldom allow myself to have it. I would have looked at the recipe but it was the second part of Christy’s title that I was looking for . (And A Simpler Life Inside My Kitchen) I have been following Christy for a long time and I always like her stories. She tells of baking sourdough bread the old fashion way. Wear an apron. Of feeling at peace.  Memories. A brief quote from Christy: “As I type this, I’m wearing an apron. This wonderful kind that is fashioned from a vintage pattern and looks just like ones my great grandmother used to wear –another thing that makes my heart smile. It’s more comfortable than most, no ties pulling on your neck, and big deep pockets that I can keep a spare dish towel in or fill with clovers when I’m picking them for my critters.” The above was an excerpt from her post. Image

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